Time Use Research in the Social Sciences

  • Wendy E. Pentland
  • Andrew S. Harvey
  • M. Powell Lawton
  • Mary Ann McColl

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Introduction

    1. Andrew S. Harvey, Wendy E. Pentland
      Pages 3-18
    2. John P. Robinson
      Pages 47-89
  3. Using Time Use Research to Examine Lifestyle Variables

  4. Conclusion

    1. Jerome F. Singleton
      Pages 245-258
    2. Wendy E. Pentland, Andrew S. Harvey
      Pages 259-268
  5. Back Matter
    Pages 269-281

About this book


Despite the fact that, for most of us, time is a central focus of our lives, the examination of what we do with our time and why has received limited attention as a method for understanding human behavior in the social sciences. Humans' view and use of time shows tremendous variation, including across cultures and with age, lifestyle, and gender. For many of us, a sense of time is ever-present. We speak of time as a commodity, a resource, an ally, an enemy, and a gift. It maybe on our side, on our hands, with us, or against us. We perceive it to change speeds (dragging vs. flying vs. standing still) and lest it get away on us, we attempt to harness and control it with clocks, schedules, and deadlines. We describe our use of time in a myriad ofways: we spend it, save it, waste it, kill it, give it, take it, and grab it. The impetus for this book grew from a three-day research symposium where established time use researchers from a variety of disciplines from Canada, the United States, Finland, Australia, and New Zealand gathered together to merge their knowledge and resources to collaborate in exam- ing the relationship between human time utilization and health and we- being. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support for the sym- sium received from the Government of Canada's Program for Inter- tional Research Linkages and M. Powell Lawton, without whose support and encouragement this book would likely not exist.


Nation gender knowledge quality of life sociology

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  • M. Powell Lawton
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  3. 3.Philadelphia Geriatric CenterPhiladelphia

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