A Mathematical Treatment of the Global Neuronal Workspace Model

  • Rodrick Wallace

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"This book brings together the fundamental ideas of information theory and the statistical mechanics of phase transitions within the context of the neurosciences, culture, immunology and socio-psychological studies. Outlined is a program pertaining to a dynamic and semantic extension of current models for the global neuronal workspace as were previously introduced by Baars, Dretske and others. Topics include original applications of rate distortion and large deviations theory, biological renormalization, and retinal tuning as means towards understanding consciousness on the large scale. The overall treatment is concise, has been well thought out, and the mathematical details should be accessible to both students and researchers in the cognitive and life sciences."

- James Glazebrook Ph.D, Eastern Illinois University, USA


behavior cognition information theory language neural networks neuroscience psychology

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  1. 1.Epidemiology of Mental Disorders Research DepartmentNew York Psychiatric InstituteNew York

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