Metabolome Analyses: Strategies for Systems Biology

  • Seetharaman Vaidyanathan
  • George G. Harrigan
  • Royston Goodacre

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxi
  2. Seetharaman Vaidyanathan, George G. Harrigan, Royston Goodacre
    Pages 1-7
  3. Juan I. Castrillo, Stephen G. Oliver
    Pages 9-29
  4. Robert D. Hall, C.H.Ric de Vos, Harrie A. Verhoeven, Raoul J. Bino
    Pages 31-44
  5. Rima Kaddurah-Daouk, Bruce S. Kristal, Mikhail Bogdanov, Wayne R. Matson, M. Flint Beal
    Pages 45-61
  6. Ralf Looser, Amo J. Krotzky, Richard N. Trethewey
    Pages 103-118
  7. David F. Meyer, Paul H. Gamache, Ian N. Acworth
    Pages 119-135
  8. Haihong Zhou, Aaron B. Kantor, Christopher H. Becker
    Pages 137-157
  9. Laura K. Schnackenberg, Richard D. Beger, Yvonne P. Dragan
    Pages 159-171
  10. Bruce S. Kristal, Yevgeniya Shurubor, Ugo Paolucci, Wayne R. Matson
    Pages 173-194
  11. Helga David, Jens Nielsen
    Pages 195-214
  12. Jacky L. Snoep, Johann M. Rohwer
    Pages 215-242
  13. Eivind Almaas, Zoltán N. Oltvai, Albert-László Barabási
    Pages 243-264
  14. Wolfram Weckwerth, Ralf Steuer
    Pages 265-289
  15. Alisdair R. Fernie, Ewa Urbanczyk-Wochniak, Lothar Willmitzer
    Pages 291-306
  16. Nicola Zamboni, Uwe Sauer
    Pages 307-322
  17. László G. Boros, Wai-Nang Paul Lee
    Pages 323-335
  18. Eva M. Lenz, Rebecca Williams, Ian D. Wilson
    Pages 337-348
  19. Edward M. Driggers, Axel A. Brakhage
    Pages 367-381
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 383-390

About this book


Metabolome Analyses is intended as a follow-up to Metabolic Profiling: Its Role in Biomarker Discovery and Gene Function Analysis (Kluwer, 2003). That text offered guidelines to currently available technology, bioinformatics and databases. Evidence was presented showing metabolic profiling as a valuable addition to genomics and proteomics strategies devoted to drug discovery and development. This book focuses on how metabolic profiling is being more comprehensively integrated with the other "omics" technologies. It provides more practical applications of such "panomics" or "Systems Biology" approaches. The expanding use of mass spectrometry as a measurement technology in metabolic profiling is addressed through demonstrated applications. The integration of metabolic profiling and proteomics is probably most developed for plant-based studies, which was not addressed in Volume 1. Other areas related to metabolic profiling continue to show significant development. These include database strategies and an increased acceptance by the pharmaceutical industry of metabolic profiling. Also covered is the use of in silico metabolic networks. Again the focus is primarily on the pharmaceutical industry but the importance of metabolic profiling to studies on human nutrition (a burgeoning area) is discussed.

The primary audience for Metabolome Analyses consists of academics (professors, post-doctoral researchers) involved in metabolic analyses, genomics transcriptomics, proteomics, bioinformatics; and corresponding researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries (including Big Pharma, mid –capital and small venture-capital based enterprises) and in research institutes.


CNS bioinformatics biology classification drug design genome genomics metabolism plant systems biology toxicology

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  • George G. Harrigan
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  • Royston Goodacre
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  2. 2.PfizerChesterfieldUSA

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