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The Supercontinuum Laser Source

Fundamentals with Updated References

  • Robert R. Alfano

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Fundamentals

    1. Y.R. Shen, Guo-Zhen Yang
      Pages 1-32
    2. Q.Z. Wang, P.P. Ho, R.R. Alfano
      Pages 33-90
    3. B.R. Suydam
      Pages 295-317
    4. Paul B. Corkum, Claude Rolland
      Pages 318-336
    5. R. Dorsinville, P.P. Ho, J.T. Manassah, R.R. Alfano
      Pages 377-398
  3. New Developments

About this book


Photonics and nonlinear optics are important areas of science, engineering and technology. One of the most important ultrafast nonlinear optical processes is the supercontinuum (SC) – the production of intense white light pulses covering: uv, visible, NIR, MIR, and IR. It is produced using ultrashort laser pulses (ps/fs) to produce the ultrabroad band of frequencies. This book covers the fundamental principles and surveys research of current thinkers and experts in the field with updated references of the key breakthroughs over the past decade and a half. The application of SC are time-resolved pump-SC probe absorption and excitation spectroscopy for chemistry, biology and physics fundamental processes; optical coherence tomography; ultrashort pulse generation in femtosecond and attosecond regions; frequency clocks; phase stabilization; optical communication; atmospheric science; lightning control; optical medical imaging; biological cell imaging; and metrology standards.


Absorption Coherence Frequency metrology standards Supercontinuum, whit condensed matter femtosecond and picosecond pulses imaging laser nonlinear optics optical communication optics photonics self phase modulation semiconductor spectroscopy

Editors and affiliations

  • Robert R. Alfano
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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsCity College of the City University of New YorkNew YorkUSA

About the editors

Dr. Robert R. Alfano's accomplishments in the field include:

Seminal patent on the supercontinuum.

Discovery of the supercontinuum.

Fellow of APS, OSA, IEEE, AP Sloan Fellow, published three (3) Physical Review Letters in one volume in 1970 on the supercontinuum.

700 published works, 80 patents, Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering.

Photonic and ultrafast phenomena expert

Inventor of Cr4+ tunable lasers

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