Software Engineering for Multi-Agent Systems III

Research Issues and Practical Applications

  • Ricardo Choren
  • Alessandro Garcia
  • Carlos Lucena
  • Alexander Romanovsky
Conference proceedings SELMAS 2004

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3390)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Agent Methodologies and Processes

    1. Ricardo Melo Bastos, Marcelo Blois Ribeiro
      Pages 19-35
    2. Massimo Cossentino, Valeria Seidita
      Pages 36-51
    3. Uirá Kulesza, Alessandro Garcia, Carlos Lucena, Paulo Alencar
      Pages 52-69
  3. Requirements Engineering and Software Architectures

    1. Manuel Kolp, T. Tung Do, Stéphane Faulkner
      Pages 70-84
    2. Lúcia R. D. Bastos, Jaelson F. B. Castro
      Pages 85-103
    3. Danny Weyns, Elke Steegmans, Tom Holvoet
      Pages 104-120
    4. Alessandro Garcia, Uirá Kulesza, Carlos Lucena
      Pages 121-143
  4. Modeling Languages

    1. Hyggo Oliveira de Almeida, Leandro Dias da Silva, Angelo Perkusich, Evandro de Barros Costa
      Pages 162-179
    2. Nabil Hameurlain, Christophe Sibertin-Blanc
      Pages 180-197
    3. Ricardo Choren, Carlos Lucena
      Pages 198-212
  5. Dependability and Coordination

    1. Claudio Bartolini, Chris Preist, Nicholas R. Jennings
      Pages 213-235
    2. Myeong-Wuk Jang, Amr Ahmed, Gul Agha
      Pages 236-253
    3. Christine Julien, Jamie Payton, Gruia-Catalin Roman
      Pages 254-271
  6. Back Matter

About these proceedings


This book presents a coherent and well-balanced survey of recent advances in software engineering approaches to the design and analysis of realistic large-scale multi-agent systems (MAS). The chapters included are devoted to various techniques and methods used to cope with the complexity of real-world MAS. The power of agent-based software engineering is illustrated using examples that are representative of successful applications.

The 16 thoroughly reviewed and revised full papers are organized in topical sections on agent methodologies and processes, requirements engineering and software architectures, modeling languages, and dependability and coordination. Most of the papers were initially presented at the 3rd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Large-Scale Multi-agent Systems, SELMAS 2004, held in Edinburgh, UK in May 2004 in association with ICSE 2004. Other papers were invited to complete coverage of all relevant aspects.


agent architectures agent-oriented software engineering complexity distributed objects information system model checking modeling multi-agent system multi-agent systems multi-agent systems engineering object-oriented programming software architectures system development systems modeling verification

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  • Alexander Romanovsky
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