Supply Chain Management with APO

Structures, Modelling Approaches and Implementation of mySAP SCM 4.1

  • Authors
  • Jörg Thomas Dickersbach

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Overview

  3. Demand Planning

  4. Order Fulfilment

    1. Pages 97-140
    2. Pages 141-158
  5. Distribution

  6. Production

  7. External Procurement

    1. Pages 387-399
    2. Pages 401-411
  8. Cross Process Topics

    1. Pages 415-419
    2. Pages 421-426
    3. Pages 427-436
  9. System Integration

    1. Pages 439-459
    2. Pages 461-476
  10. Back Matter
    Pages 470-502

About this book


The Advanced Planner and Optimiser (APO) is the software from SAP dedicated to supply chain management. This book provides an overview about the supported SCM processes and explains how to implement APO in a company. It is written from a long years' experience in implementation projects and provides project managers and team members with the necessary know-how for a successful implementation project. The focus of the book is on introducing modelling approaches and explaining the structure and interdependencies of systems, modules and entities of APO based on the release mySAP SCM 4.1. Another concern is the integration with R/3, both technically and from a process point of view. Since APO projects differ significantly from other SAP projects, some key issues and common mistakes concerning project management are mentioned as well.


APO Advanced Planner & Implementation Optimizer SAP SCM Supply Chain Management distribution scheduling supply chain planning

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