Sustainable Development, Energy and the City

A Civilisation of Visions and Actions

  • Voula┬áMega

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Cities and the energy field are now on the verge of dramatic change. Urban and energy systems are capital intensive and have long lives. Immediate change is difficult and innovation is crucial for inefficient patterns to be transformed into more intelligent systems. Strongly entrenched ideas vacillate and new investments challenge the inertia of old infrastructures. New concepts, values and technological breakthroughs are emerging, linking policy and market initiatives, public expectations and scientific developments. It is vital to understand these concepts in order to achieve a dynamic balance among economic, environmental and socio-cultural development goals.

Sustainable Development, Energy and the City focuses on concepts and actions that mark the first years of the millennium. Urban and energy issues are covered in inter-related chapters, including a general overview of the key facts and patterns, public policy and concerns, environmental implications, socio-economic dimensions, and prospects for the future.

Sustainable Development, Energy and the City provides decision-makers, citizens, students and policy-makers with significant information that is critical for sustainability.


Governance development efficiency innovation production sustainability sustainable development

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