Algorithms and Computation

15th International Symposium, ISAAC 2004, Hong Kong, China, December 20-22, 2004. Proceedings

  • Rudolf Fleischer
  • Gerhard Trippen
Conference proceedings ISAAC 2004

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3341)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Erik D. Demaine
    Pages 1-1
  3. David J. Abraham, Katarína Cechlárová, David F. Manlove, Kurt Mehlhorn
    Pages 3-15
  4. Nir Ailon, Bernard Chazelle, Seshadhri Comandur, Ding Liu
    Pages 16-27
  5. Kazuyuki Amano, Akira Maruoka
    Pages 28-40
  6. Amihood Amir, Igor Nor
    Pages 41-52
  7. Mattias Andersson, Joachim Gudmundsson, Christos Levcopoulos
    Pages 53-64
  8. Amitai Armon, Uri Zwick
    Pages 65-76
  9. Boris Aronov, Tetsuo Asano, Naoki Katoh, Kurt Mehlhorn, Takeshi Tokuyama
    Pages 77-88
  10. Boris Aronov, Tetsuo Asano, Yosuke Kikuchi, Subhas C. Nandy, Shinji Sasahara, Takeaki Uno
    Pages 89-100
  11. Sang Won Bae, Kyung-Yong Chwa
    Pages 101-112
  12. Cristina Bazgan, Bruno Escoffier, Vangelis Th. Paschos
    Pages 124-136
  13. Fredrik Bengtsson, Jingsen Chen
    Pages 137-148
  14. Sergey Bereg
    Pages 149-158
  15. Davide Bilò, Guido Proietti
    Pages 159-171
  16. Vittorio Bilò, Michele Flammini, Giovanna Melideo, Luca Moscardelli
    Pages 172-183
  17. Ulrik Brandes, Jürgen Lerner
    Pages 184-195
  18. Marcus Brazil, Pawel Winter, Martin Zachariasen
    Pages 196-208
  19. Jin-Yi Cai, Osamu Watanabe
    Pages 209-220
  20. Gruia Calinescu, Alexander Zelikovsky
    Pages 234-245
  21. Timothy M. Chan, Bashir S. Sadjad
    Pages 246-258
  22. Wun-Tat Chan, Prudence W. H. Wong
    Pages 259-270
  23. Danny Z. Chen, Xiaobo S. Hu, Shuang Luan, Shahid A. Naqvi, Chao Wang, Cedric X. Yu
    Pages 271-281
  24. Hsin-Fu Chen, Maw-Shang Chang
    Pages 282-293
  25. Kuan-Yu Chen, Kun-Mao Chao
    Pages 294-305
  26. Zhenming Chen, Vikas Singh, Jinhui Xu
    Pages 318-329
  27. Chao Chen, Ho-Lun Cheng
    Pages 330-341
  28. Kyung-Yong Chwa, Byung-Cheol Jo, Christian Knauer, Esther Moet, René van Oostrum, Chan-Su Shin
    Pages 352-363
  29. Zhe Dang, Oscar H. Ibarra, Jianwen Su
    Pages 377-388
  30. Michael Dom, Jiong Guo, Falk Hüffner, Rolf Niedermeier
    Pages 389-401
  31. Feodor F. Dragan, Irina Lomonosov
    Pages 402-414
  32. Bin Fu, Richard Beigel
    Pages 427-441
  33. Satoshi Fujita, Toru Araki
    Pages 442-451
  34. Daiji Fukagawa, Tatsuya Akutsu
    Pages 452-463
  35. Joachim von zur Gathen, Igor E. Shparlinski
    Pages 464-469
  36. Andreas Goerdt, André Lanka
    Pages 470-483
  37. Avraham Goldstein, Petr Kolman, Jie Zheng
    Pages 484-495
  38. Darin Goldstein, Kojiro Kobayashi
    Pages 496-507
  39. Mordecai J. Golin, Yiu Cho Leung, Yajun Wang
    Pages 508-521
  40. John Hershberger, Nisheeth Shrivastava, Subhash Suri, Csaba D. Tóth
    Pages 522-533
  41. Peter Hui, Marcus Schaefer
    Pages 534-544
  42. Kazuo Iwama, Akinori Kawachi
    Pages 545-557
  43. Joseph JaJa, Christian W. Mortensen, Qingmin Shi
    Pages 558-568

About these proceedings


This volume contains the proceedings of the 15th Annual International Sym- sium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC 2004), held in Hong Kong, 20–22 December, 2004. In the past, it has been held in Tokyo (1990), Taipei (1991), Nagoya (1992), Hong Kong (1993), Beijing (1994), Cairns (1995), Osaka (1996), Singapore (1997), Taejon (1998), Chennai (1999), Taipei (2000), Christchurch (2001), Vancouver (2002), and Kyoto (2003). ISAAC is an annual international symposium that covers a wide range of topics,namelyalgorithmsandcomputation.Themainpurposeofthesymposium is to provide a forum for researchers working in the active research community of algorithms and the theory of computation to present and exchange new ideas. In response to our call for papers we received 226 submissions. The task of selectingthepapersinthisvolumewasdonebyourprogramcommitteeandother referees. After a thorough review process the committee selected 76 papers, the decisions being based on originality and relevance to the ?eld of algorithms and computation. We hope all accepted papers will eventually appear in scienti?c journals in a more polished form. Two special issues, one of Algorithmica and one of the International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications, with selected papers from ISAAC 2004 are in preparation. Thebeststudentpaperawardwillbegivenfor“Geometricoptimizationpr- lems over sliding windows” by Bashir S. Sadjad and Timothy M. Chan from the University of Waterloo. Two eminent invited speakers, Prof. Erik D. Demaine, MIT, and Prof. David M. Mount, University of Maryland, also contributed to this volume.


Partition algorithmics algorithms approximation combinatorial optimization combinatorics complexity complexity theory computational discrete mathematics computational geometry computational graph theory geometry graph algorithms network algorithms scheduling

Editors and affiliations

  • Rudolf Fleischer
    • 1
  • Gerhard Trippen
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Computer Science and EngineeringFudan UniversityShanghaiChina
  2. 2.Department of Computer ScienceThe Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHong Kong

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