Combinatorial Image Analysis

10th International Workshop, IWCIA 2004, Auckland, New Zealand, December 1-3, 2004. Proceedings

  • Reinhard Klette
  • Joviša Žunić
Conference proceedings IWCIA 2004

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3322)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Discrete Tomography

    1. Andrea Frosini, Maurice Nivat
      Pages 1-22
    2. K. J. Batenburg, W. J. Palenstijn
      Pages 23-37
    3. Stefan Weber, Thomas Schüle, Joachim Hornegger, Christoph Schnörr
      Pages 38-51
  3. Combinatorics and Computational Models

    1. K. S. Dersanambika, K. Krithivasan, C. Martin-Vide, K. G. Subramanian
      Pages 52-64
    2. Mohamad Ivan Fanany, Kiichi Kobayashi, Itsuo Kumazawa
      Pages 65-76
    3. Walter G. Kropatsch, Yll Haxhimusa, Zygmunt Pizlo
      Pages 77-87
    4. Troung Kieu Linh, Atsushi Imiya, Robin Strand, Gunilla Borgefors
      Pages 88-97
  4. Combinatorial Algorithms

    1. Sylvie Alayrangues, Xavier Daragon, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, Pascal Lienhardt
      Pages 122-136
    2. Olivier Bodini, Bertrand Nouvel
      Pages 137-150
    3. Kazuhiko Kawamoto, Kaoru Hirota
      Pages 151-163
    4. Gisela Klette, Mian Pan
      Pages 164-175
    5. Vladimir Kovalevsky, Henrik Schulz
      Pages 176-196
  5. Combinatorial Mathematics

    1. S. Gnanasekaran, V. R. Dare
      Pages 209-218
    2. Martin N. Huxley, Joviša Žunić
      Pages 219-231
    3. Bertrand Nouvel, Eric Rémila
      Pages 248-259
  6. Digital Topology

    1. Akira Nakamura
      Pages 260-275
    2. Valentin E. Brimkov, Reinhard Klette
      Pages 276-290
    3. J. C. Ciria, A. De Miguel, E. Domínguez, A. R. Francés, A. Quintero
      Pages 291-306
    4. Ralph Kopperman, John L. Pfaltz
      Pages 334-350
  7. Digital Geometry

    1. Donald G Bailey
      Pages 394-408
    2. Isameddine Boukhriss, Serge Miguet, Laure Tougne
      Pages 409-420
    3. Atusihi Imiya, Masahiko Saito, Kiwamu Nakamura
      Pages 432-442
    4. Christer O. Kiselman
      Pages 443-457
    5. Isabelle Sivignon, Florent Dupont, Jean-Marc Chassery
      Pages 458-473
  8. Approximation of Digital Sets by Curves and Surfaces

    1. Abdolah Chalechale, Golshah Naghdy, Prashan Premaratne
      Pages 474-487
    2. Hyunjong Ki, Jeongho Shin, Junghoon Jung, Seongwon Lee, Joonki Paik
      Pages 488-501
    3. Fajie Li, Reinhard Klette
      Pages 502-511
    4. Majed Marji, Reinhard Klette, Pepe Siy
      Pages 512-521
  9. Algebraic Approaches

  10. Fuzzy Image Analysis

  11. Image Segmentation

    1. Boris Flach, Radim Sara
      Pages 631-638
    2. Kaveh Kangarloo, Ehsanollah Kabir
      Pages 639-645
    3. Byeong Rae Lee, Kyungsoo Park, Hyunchul Kang, Haksoo Kim, Chungkyue Kim
      Pages 646-655

About these proceedings


This volume presents the proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis, held December 1–3, 2004, in Auckland, New Zealand. Prior meetings took place in Paris (France, 1991), Ube (Japan, 1992), Washington DC (USA, 1994), Lyon (France, 1995), Hiroshima (Japan, 1997), Madras (India, 1999), Caen (France, 2000), Philadelphia (USA, 2001), and - lermo (Italy, 2003). For this workshop we received 86 submitted papers from 23 countries. Each paper was evaluated by at least two independent referees. We selected 55 papers for the conference. Three invited lectures by Vladimir Kovalevsky (Berlin), Akira Nakamura (Hiroshima), and Maurice Nivat (Paris) completed the program. Conference papers are presented in this volume under the following topical part titles: discrete tomography (3 papers), combinatorics and computational models (6), combinatorial algorithms (6), combinatorial mathematics (4), d- ital topology (7), digital geometry (7), approximation of digital sets by curves and surfaces (5), algebraic approaches (5), fuzzy image analysis (2), image s- mentation (6), and matching and recognition (7). These subjects are dealt with in the context of digital image analysis or computer vision.


Analysis Graph Matching algorithms combinatorial image analysis combinatorics computational geometry digital geometry digital image analysis digital topology discrete tomography geometric algorithms image analysis image processing topology

Editors and affiliations

  • Reinhard Klette
    • 1
  • Joviša Žunić
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Computer ScienceThe University of AucklandNew Zealand
  2. 2.Computer ScienceExeter UniversityExeterU.K.

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