Cell Volume and Signaling

  • Peter K. Lauf
  • Norma C. Adragna
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (volume 559)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Transport in avian red cells

    1. John S. Willis
      Pages 1-9
  3. Electroneutral Cotransporters

    1. Adriana Mercado, Gerardo Gamba, David B. Mount
      Pages 29-41
    2. Eric Delpire, Kerstin Piechotta
      Pages 43-53
    3. Martha E. O’Donnell, Tina I. Lam, Lien Tran, Steven E. Anderson
      Pages 67-75
  4. Ion Channels and Exchangers

  5. Cell Volume, Cytoskeleton and Apoptosis

    1. Elizabeth Jablonski, Ashley Webb, Francis M. Hughes Jr.
      Pages 179-188
    2. Gerd Heimlich, Carl D. Bortner, John A. Cidlowski
      Pages 189-203
    3. Yasunobu Okada, Emi Maeno, Shin-ichiro Mori
      Pages 205-209
    4. Florian Lang, Christina Birka, Svetlana Myssina, Karl S. Lang, Philipp A. Lang, Valerie Tanneur et al.
      Pages 211-217
    5. H. F. Cantiello, N. Montalbetti, G. A. Timpanaro, S. González-Perrett
      Pages 235-244
    6. M. Ritter, C. Bertocchi, M. Jakab, J. Fürst, M. Paulmichl
      Pages 245-251
    7. Hector Rasgado-Flores, Jillian Theobald, Jesus Ruiz, John B. Bitner, Susan Markowitz, Darryl Zlatnick et al.
      Pages 263-292
    8. Thomas L. Brown
      Pages 293-300
  6. Osmolyte Transporters and Signaling

    1. H. Pasantes-Morales, R. Lezama, R. Franco
      Pages 301-312
    2. Elisabeth Hansson, Lars Rönnbäck
      Pages 313-323
    3. Vladimir Strbák, Julius Benicky, Susan E. Greer, Zuzana Bacova, Miroslava Najvirtova, Monte A. Greer
      Pages 325-330
    4. James E. Olson, Norman R. Kreisman
      Pages 331-338
    5. Sebastian F. B. Tomassen, Hugo R. de Jonge, Ben C. Tilly
      Pages 339-347
    6. Norma C. Adragna, Yanfang Chen, Eric Delpire, Peter K. Lauf, Mariana Morris
      Pages 379-385
  7. Abstracts

    1. Carlo Brugnara, Lucia De Franceschi, Alicia Rivera
      Pages 387-388
    2. José M. Fernández-Fernández, Esther Vázquez, Maite Arniges, Muriel Nobles, Aoife Currid, Miguel A. Valverde
      Pages 388-389
    3. Morten Grunnet, Thomas Jespersen, Nanna K. Jørgensen, Nanna MacAulay, Nicole Schmitt, Olaf Pongs et al.
      Pages 389-390
    4. Kenneth B. E. Gagnon, Peter K. Lauf, Robert E. W. Fyffe
      Pages 390-391
    5. Kenneth B. E. Gagnon, Norma C. Adragna, Robert E. W. Fyffe, Peter K. Lauf
      Pages 391-392
    6. Y. P. Gao, M. Nade, M. G. Wheatly
      Pages 393-395
    7. Y. P. Gao, M. G. Wheatly
      Pages 396-398
    8. Y. P. Gao, M. G. Wheatly
      Pages 398-401
    9. Charlotte Hougaard, Dan A. Klaerke, Søren-Peter Olesen, Else K. Hoffmann, Nanna K. Jorgensen
      Pages 401-403
    10. Nathan Kast, Nicola Perrotti, Bonnie L. Blazer-Yost
      Pages 403-405
    11. Puneet Souda, Frank Witzmann, Bonnie L. Blazer-Yost
      Pages 409-410

About these proceedings


In front of you is the finished product of your work, the text of your contributions to the 2003 Dayton International Symposium on Cell Volume and Signal Transduction. As we all recall, this symposium brought together the Doyens of Cellular and Molecular Physiology as well as aspiring young investigators and students in this field. It became a memorable event in an illustrious series of International Symposia on Cell Volume and Signaling. This series, started by Professors Vladimir Strbák, Florian Lang and Monte Greer in Smolenice, Slovakia in 1997 and continued by Professors Rolf Kinne, Florian Lang and Frank Wehner in Berlin in 2000, is projected for 2005 in Copenhagen to be hosted by our colleague, Professor Else Hoffmann and her team. We dearly miss Monte Greer to whom this symposium was dedicated and addressed so eloquently by Vladimir Strbák in his Dedication to Monte. Monte and I became friends in Smolenice and had begun to discuss the 2003 meeting only a few days before his tragic accident in 2002. There are others who were not with us, and we missed them, too. We would not have been able to succeed in this event without the unflagging support of our higher administration at Wright State University, the NIDDKD of the National Institute of Health, and the Fuji Medical System (see Acknowledgments).


Activation blood cell cells erythrocyte genes pathophysiology physiology red blood cells regulation signal transduction skeletal muscle

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