Apoptotic Pathways as Targets for Novel Therapies in Cancer and Other Diseases

  • Marek Los
  • Spencer B. Gibson

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxvi
  2. Greet Brouckaert, Michael Kalai, Xavier Saelens, Peter Vandenabeele
    Pages 1-29
  3. Sebastian Wesselborg, Kirsten Lauber
    Pages 31-55
  4. Simone Fulda, Klaus-Michael Debatin
    Pages 57-78
  5. Sanjeev Shangary, Christopher L. Oliver, Daniel E. Johnson
    Pages 107-135
  6. Lee E. Finlan, Ted R. Hupp
    Pages 157-172
  7. Jennifer G. Brown, Spencer B. Gibson
    Pages 173-195
  8. Steven C. Ghivizzani, Elvire Gouze, Jean-Noel Gouze
    Pages 197-212
  9. Gundram Jung, Tanja Herrmann, Ludger Große-Hovest, Helmut Salih, Hans-Georg Rammensee
    Pages 229-242
  10. Robert Z. Orlowski
    Pages 243-274
  11. Shi-Lung Lin, Shao-Yao Ying
    Pages 275-295
  12. Amit K. Garg, Bharat B. Aggarwal
    Pages 297-322
  13. Saeid Ghavami, Katarzyna Barczyk, Subbareddy Maddika, Thomas Vogl, Lars Steinmüller, Hamid Pour-Jafari et al.
    Pages 323-341
  14. Walter Mier, Johannes Hoffend, Uwe Haberkorn, Michael Eisenhut
    Pages 343-355
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 377-395

About this book


As our understanding of apoptotic pathway expands, we are coming to realize the great potential of utilizing this pathway to treat diseases such as cancer. The book attempts to review, summarize, and speculate on the apoptotic pathways, how are they regulated and how targeted therapies are being used to treat a wide variety of diseases. Special emphasis is placed on cancer since new treatments either being developed or currently in the clinical setting are showing great promise to increase survival rates for cancer patients. Chapters will address the biology behind regulating the apoptotic pathways and what goes wrong in disease states whereas other chapters will concentrate on new therapies targeting apoptotic pathways. The reader by the end of the book should have greater insight into the understanding and utilization of apoptotic pathways to fight diseases such as cancer.


Vivo antibody apoptosis cancer cancer therapy cell cell cycle cell death cytokine development diseases mitochondria programmed cell death regulation transcription

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