Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Konrad Kuijken
    Pages 1-5
  3. Lee Clewley, Steve Warren
    Pages 6-7
  4. Victor P. Debattista, Ortwin Gerhard, Maartje N. Sevenster
    Pages 8-9
  5. Mark I. Wilkinson, Jan T. Kleyna, N. Wyn Evans, Gerard Gilmore
    Pages 10-15
  6. Jan Kleyna, Mark Wilkinson, N. Wyn Evans, Gerard Gilmore
    Pages 16-17
  7. John Magorrian
    Pages 18-19
  8. R. Brent Tully
    Pages 20-25
  9. Michael A. Pahre, Chris S. Kochanek, Emilio E. Falco, John P. Huchra
    Pages 32-38
  10. Stacy McGaugh
    Pages 45-50
  11. E. D’Onghia, D. Marchesini, G. Chincarini, C. Firmani, E. Molinari, P. Conconi et al.
    Pages 51-53
  12. Birgit Kelm, Paola Focardi, Ruth Grützbauch, Werner W. Zeilinger, Roberto Rampazzo
    Pages 54-55
  13. H. Dejonghe, S. De Rijcke, G. Hau, W. W. Zeilinger
    Pages 56-59
  14. Sven De Rijcke, Herwig Dejonghe, Werner W. Zeilinger, George T. K. Hau
    Pages 60-61
  15. Ortwin Gerhard
    Pages 62-67
  16. Carlo Nipoti, Pasquale Londrillo, Luca Ciotti
    Pages 70-71
  17. Aaron J. Romanowsky, Nigel G. Douglas, Konrad Kuijken, Michael R. Merrifield, Magda Arnaboldi, Kenneth C. Freeman et al.
    Pages 72-73
  18. Reinhard Genzel, Linda J. Tacconi, Marco Barden, Matthew D. Lehnert, Dieter Lutz, Dimitra Rigopoulou et al.
    Pages 74-84
  19. Aldo Treves, Nicoletta Carangelo, Renato Falomo
    Pages 85-90
  20. C. M. Baugh, A. J. Benson, S. Cole, C. S. Frenk, C. Lacey
    Pages 91-96
  21. Marc Balcells, J. Alfonso L. Aguerri, Reynier F. Peletier
    Pages 97-98
  22. Luigi Danese, Gian Luigi Granato, Laura Silva, Manuela Magliocchetti, Gianfranco De Zotti
    Pages 99-105
  23. Renato Falomo, Jari Kotilainen, Aldo Treves
    Pages 109-110
  24. Marianne Takamiya, Mark Chun, Inger Jørgensen, Lancelot Kao
    Pages 117-118
  25. Andreas Burkert, Frank C. van den Bosch, Rob A. Swaters
    Pages 119-123
  26. S. Cristiani, S. Arnouts, A. Fontana, P. Saracco, E. Vanzella
    Pages 136-137
  27. Niv Drory, Ralf Bender, Jan Snigula, Georg Feulner, Ulrich Hopp, Claudia Maraston et al.
    Pages 140-145
  28. James W. Colbert, Michael Rich, Matthew A. Malkan
    Pages 146-147
  29. Matt J. Jarvis, Steve Rawlings, Steve Eales, Katherine M. Blundell, Chris J. Willott
    Pages 148-153
  30. Daniela Bettoni, Renato Falomo, Giovanni Fasano, Federica Govoni, Marilena Salvo, Riccardo Scarpa
    Pages 154-155
  31. Carlos De Breuck, Wil van Breugel, Adam Stanford, Huub Röttgering, George Miley, Daniel Stern
    Pages 156-157
  32. Daniel Stern, Edward C. Moran
    Pages 158-159
  33. Avishai Dekel, Ariyeh H. Maller
    Pages 166-173
  34. Andreas Faltenbacher, Stefan Gottlöber
    Pages 174-175
  35. Alfredo Franco, Deborah Dultzin-Hacyan, Héctor M. Hernández-Toledo
    Pages 176-177
  36. C. S. Kochanek, N. Dalal
    Pages 178-183
  37. Stella Seitz, Thomas Erben, Ralf Bender, the FDF-Team
    Pages 184-186
  38. Charles R. Keeton
    Pages 187-192
  39. Philippe Jetzer
    Pages 193-195
  40. Ole Möller, Paul Hewett, Andrew Blain
    Pages 196-197
  41. David C. Koo
    Pages 198-203

About these proceedings


Measuring the masses of galaxies as a function of redshift is perhaps one of the most challenging open issues in current astronomical research. The evolution of the baryonic and dark matter components of galaxies is not only a critical test of the hierarchical formation paradigm, but ultimately also provides new clues on the complex interplay between star formation, the cooling and heating of gas and galaxy merging processes.

This book reviews current techniques to measure the baryonic (stellar) and dark masses of nearby galaxies, and focusses on ongoing attempts to measure theses same quantities in galaxies at higher and higher redshifts. It also gives room to future perspectives, with special emphasis on new survey projects and satellite missions.


Dark Matter Mass of Galaxy Redshift Star Formation astronomy black hole Bulge dark matter galaxy milky way observatory star star formation stellar Sternwarte Variation

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