Prostate Cancer: New Horizons in Research and Treatment

  • Michael L. Cher
  • Avraham Raz
  • Kenneth V. Honn

Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 81)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-1
  2. Mingxin Che, David Grignon
    Pages 3-17
  3. F. Feroze-Merzoug, M. S. Schober, Y. Q. Chen
    Pages 29-35
  4. Daotai Nie, Mingxin Che, David Grignon, Keqin Tang, Kenneth V. Honn
    Pages 59-70
  5. Grant Buchanan, Ryan A. Irvine, Gerhard A. Coetzee, Wayne D. Tilley
    Pages 71-87
  6. Sushma Gurumurthy, Krishna Murthi Vasudevan, Vivek M. Rangnekar
    Pages 89-107
  7. Erich B. Jaeger, Rajeev S. Samant, Carrie W. Rinker-Schaeffer
    Pages 143-150
  8. Brian Nicholson, Greg Schaefer, Dan Theodorescu
    Pages 161-183
  9. Mara Fornaro, Thomas Manes, Lucia R. Languino
    Pages 185-195
  10. Evan T. Keller, Jian Zhang, Carlton R. Cooper, Peter C. Smith, Laurie K. McCauley, Kenneth J. Pienta et al.
    Pages 197-213
  11. Jian Zhou, Jessica Scholes, Jer-Tsong Hsieh
    Pages 215-226
  12. William G. Nelson, Theodore L. DeWeese, Angelo M. DeMarzo
    Pages 227-240
  13. Vivek Narain, Michael L. Cher, David P. Wood Jr.
    Pages 241-251
  14. Tracy M. Downs, Christopher J. Kane, Gary D. Grossfeld, Maxwell V. Meng, Peter R. Carroll
    Pages 253-268
  15. David A. Benaron
    Pages 269-302
  16. Martin Gleave, Hideake Miyake, Uwe Zangemeister-Wittke, Burkhard Jansen
    Pages 303-316
  17. Gordon R. Macpherson, Sylvia S. W. Ng, Nehal J. Lakhani, Douglas K. Price, Jurgen Venitz, William D. Figg
    Pages 317-330
  18. Omer Kucuk
    Pages 331-344
  19. William J. Ellis
    Pages 345-349
  20. Jeffrey D. Forman, Mark Yudelev, Susan Bolton, Sam Tekyi-Mensah, Richard Maughan
    Pages 351-355
  21. Thomas A. Gardner, James Sloan, Sudhanshu P. Raikwar, Chinghai Kao1
    Pages 357-365
  22. Candace S. Johnson, Pamela A. Hershberger, Donald L. Trump
    Pages 367-378
  23. Back Matter
    Pages 387-399

About this book


In recent years the pace of research in prostate cancer has increased dramatically. Creative ideas in combination with new and emerging technologies have led to an explosion of discovery. These types of advances in prostate cancer research presage an era of new treatment strategies based on an understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of disease.
In creating this book, we aimed to cover a broad "bench to bedside" research spectrum ranging from: genetic, molecular and cellular analyses to epidemiological studies, refinements in local treatment strategies and new biologically based non-hormonal treatments for systemic disease.
Researchers and clinicians will find in this book a group of timely and clinically relevant chapters on prostate cancer research and treatment.


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Editors and affiliations

  • Michael L. Cher
    • 1
  • Avraham Raz
    • 2
  • Kenneth V. Honn
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  1. 1.The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer InstituteDetroitUSA
  2. 2.Wayne State University School of MedicineDetroitUSA

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