Electroceramic-Based MEMS

Fabrication-Technology and Applications

  • Nava¬†Setter

Part of the Electronic Materials: Science and Technology book series (EMST, volume 9)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Applications and Devices

    1. R. Maeda, J.J. Tsaur, S.H. Lee, M. Ichiki
      Pages 19-35
    2. N.M. White, S.P. Beeby, N.J. Grabham
      Pages 49-79
    3. H.P. Loebl, C. Metzmacher, R.F. Milsom, P. Lok, A. Tuinhout
      Pages 115-131
    4. S.-G. Kim, G. Barbastathis, H. L. Tuller
      Pages 157-174
  3. Materials, Fabrication-Technology, and Functionality

    1. R.A. Dorey, R.W. Whatmore
      Pages 177-197
    2. S. Trolier-McKinstry, P. Muralt
      Pages 199-215
    3. O. Auciello, S. Saha, W. Fan, B. Kabius, S. K. Streiffer, D. Y. Kaufman et al.
      Pages 217-234
    4. A.K. Tagantsev, V.O. Sherman, K.F. Astafiev, J. Venkatesh, N. Setter
      Pages 235-324
    5. J. Baborowski
      Pages 325-359
    6. C. R. Martin, I. A. Aksay
      Pages 387-410
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 411-414

About this book


The book is focused on the use of functional oxide and nitride films to enlarge the application range of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), including micro-sensors, micro-actuators, transducers, and electronic components for microwaves and optical communications systems. Applications, emerging applications, fabrication technology and functioning issues are presented and discussed. The book covers the following topics:

Part A: Applications and devices with electroceramic-based MEMS:

Chemical microsensors

Microactuators based on thin films

Micromachined ultrasonic transducers

Thick-film piezoelectric and magnetostrictive devices

Pyroelectric microsystems

RF bulk acoustic wave resonators and filters

High frequency tunable devices

MEMS for optical functionality

Part B: Materials, fabrication technology, and functionality:

Ceramic thick films for MEMS

Piezoelectric thin films for MEMS

Materials and technology in thin films for tunable high frequency devices

Permittivity, tunability and loss in ferroelectrics for reconfigurable high frequency electronics

Microfabrication of piezoelectric MEMS

Nano patterning methods for electroceramics

Soft lithography emerging techniques

The book is addressed to engineers, scientists and researchers of various disciplines, device engineers, materials engineers, chemists, physicists and microtechnologists who are working and/or interested in this fast growing and highly promising field.

The publication of this book follows a Special Issue on electroceramic-based MEMS that was published in the Journal of Electroceramics at the beginning of 2004. The ten invited papers of that special issue were adapted by the authors into chapters of the present book and five additional chapters were added.


Sensor ceramics communication electronics ferroelectrics microelectromechanical system (MEMS) thin film

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