Advanced Magnetic Nanostructures

  • David Sellmyer
  • Ralph Skomski

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  3. A. Kashyap, R. Sabirianov, S. S. Jaswal
    Pages 13-39
  4. Ralph Skomski, Jian Zhou
    Pages 41-90
  5. T. Schrefl, D. Suess, G. Hrkac, M. Kirschner, O. Ertl, R. Dittrich et al.
    Pages 91-118
  6. David J. Smith, Martha R. McCartney, Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski
    Pages 119-145
  7. W. Wernsdorfer
    Pages 147-181
  8. Michael J. Bonder, Yunhe Huang, George C. Hadjipanayis
    Pages 183-206
  9. Y. F. Xu, M. L. Yan, D. J. Sellmyer
    Pages 207-238
  10. Shouheng Sun
    Pages 239-260
  11. J. Cock Lodder
    Pages 261-293
  12. D. Weller, T. McDaniel
    Pages 295-324
  13. S. Rivoirard, D. Givord
    Pages 325-363
  14. K. Suzuki, G. Herzer
    Pages 365-401
  15. P. P. Freitas, H. Ferreira, R. Ferreira, S. Cardoso, Sebastiaan van Dijken, John Gregg
    Pages 403-460
  16. Diandra L. Leslie-Pelecky, V. Labhasetwar, R. H. Kraus Jr.
    Pages 461-490
  17. Back Matter
    Pages 491-508

About this book


Advanced Magnetic Nanostructures is devoted to the fabrication, characterization, experimental investigation, theoretical understanding, and utilization of advanced magnetic nanostructures. Focus is on various types of 'bottom-up' and 'top-down' artificial nanostructures, as contrasted to naturally occurring magnetic nanostructures, such as iron-oxide inclusions in magnetic rocks, and to structures such as perfect thin films.

Chapter 1 is an introduction into some basic concepts, such as the definitions of basic magnetic quantities. Chapters 2-4 are devoted to the theory of magnetic nanostructures, Chapter 5 deals with the characterization of the structures, and Chapters 6-10 are devoted to specific systems. Applications of advanced magnetic nanostructures are discussed in Chapters11-15 and, finally, the appendix lists and briefly discusses magnetic properties of typical starting materials.

Industrial and academic researchers in magnetism and related areas such as nanotechnology, materials science, and theoretical solid-state physics will find this book a valuable resource.


cluster electronics magnetism materials science nanostructure nanotechnology simulation

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