Designing and Evaluating E-Management Decision Tools

The Integration of Decision and Negotiation Models into Internet-Multimedia Technologies

  • Giampiero E. G. Beroggi

Part of the Integrated Series in Information Systems book series (ISIS, volume 6)

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The integration of analytic models into information systems provides the basis for developing intelligent decision support systems and for enabling business intelligence management. DESIGNING AND EVALUATING E-MANAGEMENT DECISION TOOLS presents the most relevant concepts for designing intelligent decision tools in an Internet-based multimedia environment and assessing the tools using concepts of statistical design of experiments.

The following issues are covered in the book: decision modeling paradigms (Chapter 1), visual interactive decision modeling (Chapter 2), online preference elicitation (Chapter 3), collaborative decision making (Chapter 4), negotiation and conflict resolution (Chapter 5), marketing decision optimization (Chapter 6), and guidelines for designing and evaluating decision support tools.

This book is designed for the following uses: 1) for researchers and engineers, who are seeking recent advances and who are developing e-management systems; 2) for practitioners and managers, who seek insights about ICT potential and using ICT for business intelligence management; and 3) for students, who seek theoretical and practical concepts of building and evaluating prototype decision tools.

Giampiero E.G. Beroggi is professor and head of MIS at the Zurich School of Business and Administration (HWZ). He was a visiting professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and associate professor at Delft University of Technology. He holds a M.S. in Operations Research and Statistics and a Ph.D. (Modeling Real-Time Decision Making) both from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.


Marketing decision support systems experimental assessment internet modeling multimedia information systems optimization prototyping

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