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  1. Front Matter
  2. Egon Börger, Dean Rosenzweig
    Pages 1-13
  3. Giovanni Sambin, Silvio Valentini
    Pages 69-70
  4. Sergei Artëmov, Tyko Straßen
    Pages 71-82
  5. Bernhard Beckert, Reiner Hähnle, Peter H. Schmitt
    Pages 108-119
  6. Alberto Bottoni, Giorgio Levi
    Pages 132-143
  7. Stefan Brüning
    Pages 144-151
  8. N. C. A. da Costa, F. A. Doria
    Pages 152-158
  9. Vincent Danos, Jean -Baptiste Joinet, Harold Schellinx
    Pages 159-171

About these proceedings


The Third Kurt G|del Symposium, KGC'93, held in Brno, Czech Republic, August1993, is the third in a series of biennial symposia on logic, theoretical computer science, and philosophy of mathematics. The aim of this meeting wasto bring together researchers working in the fields of computational logic and proof theory. While proof theory traditionally is a discipline of mathematical logic, the central activity in computational logic can be foundin computer science. In both disciplines methods were invented which arecrucial to one another. This volume contains the proceedings of the symposium. It contains contributions by 36 authors from 10 different countries. In addition to 10 invited papers there are 26 contributed papers selected from over 50 submissions.


Computational Logic Logic Programming Nicht-klassische Logiken Nicht-monotones Schließen Nonclassical Logics Nonmonotonic Reasoning logic mathematical logic mathematics philosophy of mathematics proof theory

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