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KORSO: Methods, Languages, and Tools for the Construction of Correct Software

Final Report

  • Editors
  • Manfred Broy
  • Stefan Jähnichen

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1009)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Manfred Broy, Martin Wirsing
    Pages 1-24
  3. Peter Pepper, Martin Wirsing, Ralph Betschko, Manfred Broy, Sabine Dick, Klaus Didrich et al.
    Pages 25-57
  4. Peter Pepper, Ralph Betschko, Sabine Dick, Klaus Didrich
    Pages 58-73
  5. G. Michele Pinna, Axel Poigné
    Pages 74-91
  6. C. Lewerentz, Th. Lindner, A. Rüping, E. Sekerinski
    Pages 92-111
  7. Stefan Gastinger, Rolf Hennicker, Robert Stabl
    Pages 112-127
  8. R. Hettler, D. Nazareth, F. Regensburger, O. Slotosch
    Pages 128-147
  9. U. Wolter, K. Didrich, F. Cornelius, M. Klar, R. Wessäly, H. Ehrig
    Pages 173-189
  10. M. Gogolla, S. Conrad, G. Denker, R. Herzig, N. Vlachantonis, H. -D. Ehrich
    Pages 205-220
  11. Thomas Santen, Florian Kammüller, Stefan Jähnichen, Martin Beyer
    Pages 221-238
  12. F. W. von Henke, A. Dold, H. Rueß, D. Schwier, M. Strecker
    Pages 239-254
  13. Jacques Loeckx, Jörg Zeyer
    Pages 255-267
  14. Bernd Krieg-Brückner, Junbo Liu, Hui Shi, Burkhard Wolff
    Pages 268-284
  15. Peter Deussen, Alex Hansmann, Thomas Käufl, Stefan Klingenbeck
    Pages 285-298
  16. Wolfgang Reif
    Pages 339-368

About this book


This book constitutes the final report of the work carried out in the project KORSO ("Korrekte Software") funded by the German Federal Ministry for Research and Technology. KORSO is an evolutionary, prototype-oriented project aimed at improving the theoretical foundations of quality-driven software engineering and at implementing known techniques for applications of practical relevance.
The 21 strictly refereed papers presented are organized in five sections on methods for correctness, languages, development systems and logical frameworks, tools, and case studies. In addition, the preface and introductory paper give valuable background information and a concise state-of-the-art overview.


Compiler Correct Software Dependable Systems Formal Software Development Formal Verification Formale Verifikation Sicherheitsrelevante Systeme Softwarequalität automata design distributed systems formal method formal specification logic verification

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