Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Joris De Schutter, Herman Bruyninckx, Wen-Hong Zhu, Mark W. Spong
    Pages 1-17
  3. Masaru Uchiyama
    Pages 19-34
  4. Antonio Bicchi, Alessia Marigo, Domenico Prattichizzo
    Pages 35-49
  5. Septimiu E. Salcudean
    Pages 51-66
  6. Feng-Yih Hsu, Li-Chen Fu
    Pages 67-81
  7. Alessandro De Luca
    Pages 83-104
  8. Yildirim Hurmuzlu
    Pages 105-117
  9. Olav Egeland, Kristin Y. Pettersen
    Pages 119-134
  10. Mark W. Spong
    Pages 135-150
  11. Carlos Canudas de Wit
    Pages 151-175
  12. Peter I. Corke, Gregory D. Hager
    Pages 177-192
  13. Thomas C. Henderson, Mohamed Dekhil, Robert R. Kessler, Martin L. Griss
    Pages 193-207
  14. Claire J. Tomlin, George J. Pappas, Jana Košecká, John Lygeros, Shankar S. Sastry
    Pages 261-295
  15. Back Matter

About these proceedings


Focusing on the important control problems in state-of-the-art robotics and automation, this volume features invited papers from a workshop held at CDC, San Diego, California. As well as looking at current problems, it aims to identify and discuss challenging issues that are yet to be solved but which will be vital to future research directions. The many topics covered include: automatic control, distributed multi-agent control, multirobots, dexterous hands, flexible manipulators, walking robots, free-floating systems, nonholonomic robots, sensor fusion, fuzzy control, virtual reality, visual servoing, and task synchronization. Control Problems in Robotics and Automation will be of interest to all researchers, scientists and graduate students who wish to broaden their knowledge in robotics and automation and prepare themselves to address and resolve the control problems that will be faced in this field as we enter the twenty-first century.


algorithms automation design fuzzy mobile robot robot robotics sensing

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