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  1. Front Matter
  2. Thomas Ehrhard, Pasquale Malacaria
    Pages 1-15
  3. Roberto M. Amadio
    Pages 16-33
  4. Abbas Edalat, Michael B. Smyth
    Pages 37-52
  5. Raymond Hoofman, Harold Schellinx
    Pages 53-73
  6. P. W. O'Hearn
    Pages 74-93
  7. Albert Burroni
    Pages 94-105
  8. Sachio Hirokawa
    Pages 106-120
  9. Richard Blute
    Pages 121-137
  10. Eugenio Moggi
    Pages 138-139
  11. C. Barry Jay
    Pages 151-163
  12. Duško Pavlović
    Pages 173-196
  13. Bart Jacobs, Eugenio Moggi, Thomas Streicher
    Pages 197-218
  14. Wesley Phoa
    Pages 219-235
  15. Andrea Corradini, Ugo Montanari
    Pages 236-260
  16. Eugene W. Stark
    Pages 261-281
  17. P. Degano, S. Kasangian, S. Vigna
    Pages 282-301

About these proceedings


The papers in this volume were presented at the fourth biennial Summer Conference on Category Theory and Computer Science, held in Paris, September3-6, 1991. Category theory continues to be an important tool in foundationalstudies in computer science. It has been widely applied by logicians to get concise interpretations of many logical concepts. Links between logic and computer science have been developed now for over twenty years, notably via the Curry-Howard isomorphism which identifies programs with proofs and types with propositions. The triangle category theory - logic - programming presents a rich world of interconnections. Topics covered in this volume include the following. Type theory: stratification of types and propositions can be discussed in a categorical setting. Domain theory: synthetic domain theory develops domain theory internally in the constructive universe of the effective topos. Linear logic: the reconstruction of logic based on propositions as resources leads to alternatives to traditional syntaxes. The proceedings of the previous three category theory conferences appear as Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volumes 240, 283 and 389.


Category Theory Domain Theory Linear Logic Lineare Logic Programming Languages Semantics Semantik von Programmiersprachen Type Theory Typentheorie computer computer science logic programming

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