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Waster Disposal and Evaporites

Contributions to Long-Term Safety

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences book series (LNEARTH, volume 45)

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Since production, treatment and disposal of anthropogenic wastes are among the challenging ecological and social problems of the present and future repositories must be constructed and maintained especially with regard to long-term safety. This volume expertises research results of natural geochemical cycles in connection with the disposal of anthropogenic wastes, the role of fluids in marine evaporites and the composition of salt domes as a criterion for evaluating the long-term safety of underground repositories for anthropogenic wastes. It is addressed to engineers and scientists confronted with these problems.


Fluid Inclusions Flüssigkeitseinschlüsse Geologie Langzeitsicherheit Langzeittoxizität Long-term Safety Long-term Toxicity Repositories Salt Dome Geology Salzstockgeologie Untergrunddeponie

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