Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry

  • Francois Mathey

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This book serves as a concise guide to essential topics in Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry for senior undergraduate and graduate students; it blends qualitative theoretical approach with experimental description of the facts. Its content emphasizes on the orbital description of M-L bonds; the electronic structures of the main types of organometallic complexes (ML2 to ML6); main types of organometallic reactions; organometallic compound synthesis, analytical characterization and the reactivity and lastly the applications of transition metals in homogeneous catalysis.


Homogeneous Catalysis Ligand Substitution Metal Pi Complexes Nucleophilic and Electrophilic Addition Organometallic Reactions Oxidative Coupling and Reductive Decoupling Schrock and Fischer Carbenes Transition Metal Chemistry

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