Magneto-transport Properties of Skyrmions and Chiral Spin Structures in MnSi

  • Tomoyuki Yokouchi

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About this book


This book provides extensive and novel insights into transport phenomena in MnSi, paving the way for applying the topology and chirality of spin textures to the development of spintronics devices. In particular, it describes in detail the key measurements, e.g. magnetoresistance and nonlinear electronic transport, and multiple material-fabrication techniques based on molecular beam epitaxy, ion-beam microfabrication and micromagnetic simulation.

The book also reviews key aspects of B20-type MnSi chiral magnets, which host magnetic skyrmions, nanoscale objects formed by helical spatial spin structures. Readers are then introduced to cutting-edge findings on the material. Furthermore, by reviewing the author’s successful experiments, the book provides readers with a valuable update on the latest achievements in the measurement and fabrication of magnetic materials in spintronics.


Magnetic Skyrmion Topological Spin Texture Chiral Spin Texture Nonlinear Transport Phenomena Anisotropic Magnetoresistance B20-type MnSi Anomalous Hall Effect in MnSi Skyrmion-Based Device MiSi Thin Films Spintronics in Ferromagnetic Metals

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  • Tomoyuki Yokouchi
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  1. 1.RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS)WakoJapan

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