Energy Recovery Processes from Wastes

  • Sadhan Kumar Ghosh

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Aastha Paliwal, Hoysall N. Chanakya
    Pages 1-7
  3. Rohit Kumar Singh, Biswajit Ruj, Anup Kumar Sadhukhan, Parthapratim Gupta
    Pages 23-32
  4. Rohit Kumar Singh, Biswajit Ruj, Anup Kumar Sadhukhan, Parthapratim Gupta
    Pages 33-43
  5. Aastha Paliwal, Hoysall N. Chanakya
    Pages 45-50
  6. P. Mohamed Nishath, K. Sekar, P. Mohamed Shameer, Kaisan Muhammad Usman, Abubakar Shitu, J. Senophiyah Mary et al.
    Pages 51-63
  7. M. U. Kaisan, S. Abubakar, S. Umaru, B. Dhinesh, P. Mohamed Shameer, K. Sekar et al.
    Pages 85-100
  8. Muhammad Usman Kaisan, Shitu Abubakar, Fatai Olukayode Anafi, Samaila Umaru, P. Mohamed Shameer, Umar Ali Umar et al.
    Pages 101-113
  9. Samarjit Gogoi, Nilutpal Bhuyan, Debashis Sut, Rumi Narzari, Lina Gogoi, Rupam Kataki
    Pages 115-128
  10. Samarjit Gogoi, Rumi Narzari, Neonjyoti Bordoloi, Nilutpal Bhuyan, Debashis Sut, Lina Gogoi et al.
    Pages 129-142
  11. Swagata Das, Shubhalakshmi Sengupta, Papita Das, Siddhartha Datta
    Pages 143-149
  12. R. Hoque, R. L. Kshetry, S. Maity, R. Dalui, A. Khamaru
    Pages 165-178
  13. Soundararaj Manju Soniya, J. Senophiyah-Mary
    Pages 179-188
  14. R. JayaMadhuri, M. Saraswathi, K. Gowthami, M. Sujatha, T. Uma
    Pages 189-199
  15. S. Sharma, K. Pradeepkumar, M. Shaanmaadhuran, M. J. Rajadurai, Y. Anto Anbarasu, V. Kirubakaran
    Pages 201-211
  16. Awinash Kumar, Santosh Kumar Dash, Moiching Sajit Ahamed, Pradip Lingfa
    Pages 213-224
  17. Kaushik Chandrasekhar, Suneel Pandey
    Pages 225-236
  18. Dipam Patowary, Trinakshee Sarmah, Gunajit Dev Sarma, Bharat Terang, Rupam Patowary, Debendra Chandra Baruah
    Pages 237-250

About this book


The book focuses on a global issue—municipal solid waste management (MSWM) and presents the most effective solutions based on energy recovery processes. There is huge potential in employing different technologies and modern management methodology for recovering energy from various waste streams to establish a sustainable and circular economy. In several countries, energy recovery from municipal solid wastes (MSW) is seen as a way of reducing the negative impact of waste on the environment and also reducing the burden on land resources. The book primarily focuses on highlighting the latest insights into energy recovery from various waste streams in different countries, with a particular emphasis on India. Further, it paves the way for sustainability in the energy sector as a whole by addressing waste management issues and simultaneous energy recovery. The chapters present high-quality research papers selected and presented in the conference, IconSWM 2018.


Energy Recovery Processes Solid Waste Management Sustainability Waste Recovery Process Waste Conversion IconSWM Municipal Solid Waste Management Energy from Waste Streams

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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringJadavpur UniversityKolkataIndia

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