Mine Waste Management in China: Recent Development

  • Di Wu

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This book introduces recent development of technologies for mine waste management in China. For hard rock mines, the main mine wastes are tailings, and the tailings can be disposed above-ground and/or underground. The technology of consolidated tailings stockpile (CTS) that disposes tailings above-ground is introduced, and the application of this technology is also demonstrated. Besides, the technology of cemented tailings (or paste) backfill (CTB or CPB) which deals with tailings underground is also discussed. The properties of CTB materials and the utilization of CTB technology are described and analyzed. For coal mines, the main mine wastes are coal gangue and fly ash. The technology of cemented coal gangue-fly ash backfill (CGFB) that manages coal mine waste underground is presented. The THMC coupling properties of CGFB materials are investigated, which can contribute to a better design of stable, durable and environmentally friendly CGFB mixtures. The application of CGFB technology in a coal mine is also presented. This book, which systematically reviews and discusses the development of mine waste management technologies in China, is expected to provide readers comprehensive information about mine waste management.


Tailings Coal gangue Fly ash Backfill Dry stack Consolidation of tailings THMC Tailings impoundment Thickening Filtering

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