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3rd International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering

ICNBME-2015, September 23-26, 2015, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

  • Victor Sontea
  • Ion Tiginyanu
Conference proceedings

Part of the IFMBE Proceedings book series (IFMBE, volume 55)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXI
  2. Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. E. P. Sinyavskii, E. Yu. Kanarovskii, N. S. Kostyukevich
      Pages 8-12
    3. F. M. Muntyanu, A. Gilewski, V. Chistol, K. Rogacki
      Pages 13-16
    4. V. I. Verlan, M. S. Iovu, I. Culeac, O. Bordian, V. E. Zubareva, Iu. Nistor
      Pages 17-20
    5. S. A. Moskalenko, I. V. Podlesny, E. V. Dumanov, M. A. Liberman, I. Lelyakov
      Pages 35-39
    6. T. Potlog, V. Botnariuc, S. Raevschi, M. Dobromir, D. Luca
      Pages 43-46
    7. E. Condrea, A. Nicorici, A. Gilewski
      Pages 51-55
    8. S. Raevschi, V. Botnariuc, L. Gorceac, T. Potlog, M. Dobromir, D. Luca
      Pages 56-59
    9. I. G. Stamov, N. N. Syrbu, L. Nemerenco
      Pages 60-63
    10. A. Dorogan, V. Dorogan, N. Syrbu, A. Tiron
      Pages 64-67
    11. A. Tiron, N. Syrbu, V. Zalamai
      Pages 68-71
    12. O. Paiuk, A. Meshalkin, G. Triduh, A. Prisacar, E. Achimova, A. Stronski et al.
      Pages 72-75
    13. A. Meshalkin, S. Robu, E. Achimova, Yu. Boiarinov, A. Prisacar, D. Shepel et al.
      Pages 76-80
    14. I. Pavlovschi, V. Goncear, C. Scutari
      Pages 85-88
    15. D. Grabco, O. Shikimaka, M. Elisa, B. Sava, L. Boroica, E. Harea et al.
      Pages 89-92
    16. E. Rusu, V. Ursaki, T. Gutul, P. Vlazan, A. Siminel
      Pages 93-96
    17. T. E. Huber, S. Johnson, K. A. Shirvani, Q. Barclif, T. Brower, A. Nikolaeva et al.
      Pages 97-100
    18. R. Morari, E. Antropov, E. Zasavitsky, A. Prepelita, A. Socrovisciuc, E. Condrea et al.
      Pages 101-104
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      Pages 111-114
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      Pages 115-118
    21. L. A. Konopko, A. A. Nikolaeva, T. E. Huber, A. K. Tsurkan
      Pages 119-122
    22. V. Ciornea, P. Bardetski, M. A. Macovei
      Pages 127-130
    23. M. Revenco, M. Secu, S. Ostrovsky, O. Reu, A. Palii, O. Palamarciuc et al.
      Pages 131-133
    24. K. Preuss, R. Clerac, O. Reu, S. Ostrovsky, A. Palii, S. Klokishner
      Pages 134-137
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      Pages 142-145
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      Pages 153-156
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      Pages 163-166
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      Pages 171-174
    31. V. Nikorich, P. Ketrush, A. Nikorich, A. Todosichiuc
      Pages 183-185
    32. G. V. Colibaba, E. V. Monaico, E. P. Goncearenco, I. Inculet, I. M. Tiginyanu
      Pages 188-191
    33. S. Anghel, Yu. Chumakov, A. Colev, V. Kravtsov, L. Kulyuk, C. Mamaliga et al.
      Pages 192-195

About these proceedings


This volume presents the proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering which was held on September 23-26, 2015 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

ICNBME-2015 continues the series of International Conferences in the field of nanotechnologies and biomedical engineering. It aims at bringing together scientists and engineers dealing with fundamental and applied research for reporting on the latest theoretical developments and applications involved in the fields. Topics include

Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials

Plasmonics and metamaterials

Bio-micro/nano technologies


Biosensors and sensors systems

Biomedical instrumentation

Biomedical signal processing

Biomedical imaging and image processing

Molecular, cellular and tissue engineering

Clinical engineering, health technology management and assessment;

Health informatics, e-health and telemedicine

Biomedical engineering education

Nuclear and radiation safety and security

Innovations and technology transfer


Biomedical imaging and image processing Biomedical instrumentation Biomedical signal processing Bionanotechnologies Health technology assessment ICNBME2015 Molecular tissue engineering Pharmaceutical metamaterials

Editors and affiliations

  • Victor Sontea
    • 1
  • Ion Tiginyanu
    • 2
  1. 1.Department Microelectronics and Biomedical EngineeringTechnical University of MoldovaChisinauMoldova
  2. 2.Academy of Sciences of MoldovaChisinauMoldova

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