Advances in Hydroinformatics


  • Philippe Gourbesville
  • Jean A. Cunge
  • Guy Caignaert

Part of the Springer Water book series (SPWA)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Modelling: Floods and Inundations

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Thomas Wenka, Thomas Brudy-Zippelius, Andreas Schmidt
      Pages 3-16
    3. Rémi Dumasdelage, Olivier Delestre, Didier Clamond, Gourbesville Philippe
      Pages 17-27
    4. Álvaro A. Aldama, Adalberto Vaca, Dunia González-Zeas, Xavier Coello-Rubio, Gustavo Luzuriaga
      Pages 29-46
    5. Arnaud Koch, Kévin Corsiez, Jérôme Defroidmont, Manuel Philippe
      Pages 47-58
    6. Rafael B. Vargas, Philippe Gourbesville
      Pages 59-73
    7. Ming-Hsi Hsu, Chih-Hung Chen, Wen-Cheng Liu, Tsang-Jung Chang, Albert S. Chen, Michael J. Hammond et al.
      Pages 97-112
    8. Vanessya Laborie, Philippe Sergent, François Hissel
      Pages 145-155
    9. Duy Khiem Ly, Cheng Ann Tan, Qiang Ma
      Pages 157-174
    10. Louis Goffin, Sébastien Erpicum, Benjamin J. Dewals, Michel Pirotton, Pierre Archambeau
      Pages 175-187
    11. Pierre Balayn, Jean-Marc Battista, Frédéric Deniger
      Pages 203-212
    12. Frédéric Stilmant, Benjamin Dewals, Sébastien Erpicum, Michel Pirotton, Pierre Archambeau
      Pages 241-252
    13. Fabienne Scerri, Christophe Lescoulier, Camille Boudong, Caroline Hémain
      Pages 253-273
    14. Yuwen Zhou, Zilong Liu, ShanShan Liu, Chan Liu, Ying Tang, Hongli Wang
      Pages 275-284
  3. Uncertainties, 3D Modelling, Models Coupling

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 299-299
    2. Morgan Abily, Olivier Delestre, Philippe Gourbesville, Nathalie Bertrand, Claire-Marie Duluc, Yann Richet
      Pages 301-315
    3. Klaudia Horváth, Eric Duviella, Lala Rajaoarisoa, Karine Chuquet
      Pages 317-332
    4. Daisuke Nohara, Yuya Nishioka, Tomoharu Hori, Yoshinobu Sato
      Pages 333-347
    5. Olivier Bertrand, Fabrice Loiseau, Emmanuelle Lopez, Claude Rebattet, Pierre Roumieu, Bertram Velichorpillai
      Pages 349-359
    6. Adrien Gellibert, Jérémy Savatier, Nicolas Pépin, Olivier Fully
      Pages 361-376
    7. Fatih Üneş, Mustafa Demirci, Hakan Varçin
      Pages 377-394
    8. Olivier Delestre, Morgan Abily, Florian Cordier, Philippe Gourbesville, Hélène Coullon
      Pages 395-407
    9. Manuel Gómez, Eduardo Martínez-Gomariz
      Pages 423-438
    10. Benoit Waeles, Xavier Bertin, Damien Chevaillier, Jean-François Breilh, Kai Li, Baptiste Le Mauff Dorn
      Pages 439-449
    11. Céline Caruyer, Jean-Pierre Minier, Mathieu Guingo, Christophe Henry
      Pages 451-466
  4. Two-phase Flows and Cavitation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 467-467
    2. Namane Mechitoua, Mathieu Guingo, Philippe Montarnal
      Pages 469-481
    3. Stéphane Mimouni, Romain Denèfle, Solène Fleau, Stéphane Vincent
      Pages 483-500
    4. Wilfried Edelbauer, Jure Strucl, Alexander Morozov
      Pages 501-517
    5. Jean Decaix, Guillaume Balarac, Cécile Münch
      Pages 519-529
    6. Petar Tomov, Sofiane Khelladi, Christophe Sarraf, Farid Bakir
      Pages 531-547
    7. Daniel Valero, Rafael García-Bartual
      Pages 571-582
    8. Céline Caruyer, Jean-Pierre Minier, Mathieu Guingo, Christophe Henry
      Pages 597-612
    9. Ewen Marechal, Sofiane Khelladi, Florent Ravelet, Farid Bakir, Olivier Delepierre-Massue Snecma
      Pages 613-624

About this book


The book is a collection of extended papers which have been selected for presentation during the SIMHYDRO 2014 conference held in Sophia Antipolis in June 2014. The book focuses on the modeling and simulation of fast hydraulic transients, on 3D modeling, and on uncertainties and multiphase flows. The book explores both the limits and performances of actual models and also presents the most recent developments based on new numerical schemes, high performance computing, multiphysics and multiscale, methods, and better interaction with field or scale models data. The book caters to practitioners, stakeholders, researchers and engineers in this field.


Computational Hydraulics Flood Modeling Hydraulic Machineries Hydraulics Transcients Hydroinformatics Inundation Modeling Marine Hydraulics SIMHYDRO 2014 Two Phase Cavitation Modeling Two Phase Flow Uncertainty Urban Flood Management Urban Hydraulics

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  • Philippe Gourbesville
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  • Jean A. Cunge
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  • Guy Caignaert
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  1. 1.University of Nice-Sophia AntipolisSophia AntipolisFrance
  2. 2.Society Hydrotechnique of FranceLa TroncheFrance

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