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National Image

China’s Communication of Cultural Symbols


About this book


This book introduces researchers, students and the general public to an intriguing phenomenon at the intersection of diverse fields: national branding. In particular, it uses representative cases particularly to show how China responded to major challenges, not only in the distant past, but also especially in our hectic age of national image construction. By pursuing an interdisciplinary, socio-historical approach, the book sheds new light on the role of cultural symbols in national image building. As such, readers will learn how China has exploited its “black-and-white” tradition – calligraphy and painting – in the construction of a national image.


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Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Shanghai International Studies UniversityHongkou, ShanghaiChina

About the authors

 Dr Xiangfei Meng is Professor affiliated with the School of Marxism, Shanghai International Studies University, P. R. China. He completed his doctorate in International Relations at Shanghai International Studies University in 2014. His primary research area is international relations, particularly politics and its international communication. Having published over 20 research articles and received 10 research grants, Dr. Meng is a “rising star” researcher in the realm of international politics and intercultural communication. 

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