Materials Chemistry of Ceramics

  • JunichiĀ Hojo

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  2. Junichi Hojo, Miki Inada
    Pages 1-22
  3. Junichi Tatami
    Pages 23-43
  4. Satoshi Tanaka
    Pages 45-74
  5. Toshinobu Yogo
    Pages 75-92
  6. Shu Yin, Tsugio Sato
    Pages 93-117
  7. Masakazu Kawashita
    Pages 119-131
  8. Junichi Matsushita
    Pages 133-152
  9. Akira Kishimoto
    Pages 153-179
  10. Krisana Kobwittaya, Takanori Watari
    Pages 181-211
  11. Yoshiyuki Sugahara
    Pages 213-233

About this book


This book provides fundamental knowledge of ceramics science and technology in a compact volume. Based on inorganic chemistry, it is intended as a reader for graduate students and young researchers beginning work in ceramics. The importance of the book is that it provides a scientific understanding of structure, properties, and processing from the chemical aspect, leading to creation of future ceramics. Ceramics have high hardness, strength, thermal and chemical stability, as well as various electromagnetic functions. To take full advantage of ceramics, their use has been advanced to engineering and electronic ceramics. Most ceramics have been fabricated by powder processing, and new technologies have also evolved such as CVD and sol-gel methods: new ceramics aimed at new functions of highly pure oxides and artificial nitrides, carbides, and borides; fine ceramics focused on precise control of composition and microstructure; and design of unique morphology, such as nanoparticles, nanofibers, nanosheets, mesoporous materials, and hybrids. Materials are composed of atoms and molecules. They are assembled into crystals and are amorphous, leading to 3-D micro/nano structures. In addition to the topics described above, this book shows the importance of chemistry for materials design at the nanometer scale, and that chemistry develops new fields of environment, energy, informatics, biomaterials, and other areas.


structure of ceramics functions of ceramics processing of ceramics inorganic chemistry of ceramics properties of ceramics

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