Brain Iron Metabolism and CNS Diseases

  • Yan-Zhong Chang

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 1173)

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  2. Anand Thirupathi, Yan-Zhong Chang
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  3. Guofen Gao, Jie Li, Yating Zhang, Yan-Zhong Chang
    Pages 21-32
  4. Peng Yu, Yan-Zhong Chang
    Pages 33-44
  5. Hong Jiang, Ning Song, Qian Jiao, Limin Shi, Xixun Du
    Pages 45-66
  6. Tao Wang, Shuang-Feng Xu, Yong-Gang Fan, Lin-Bo Li, Chuang Guo
    Pages 67-104
  7. Mohammed M. A. Almutairi, Grace Xu, Honglian Shi
    Pages 105-123
  8. Xian-Le Bu, Yang Xiang, Yansu Guo
    Pages 145-152
  9. Sonia Levi, Anna Cozzi, Paolo Santambrogio
    Pages 153-177
  10. Huan Xiong, Qing-zhang Tuo, Yu-jie Guo, Peng Lei
    Pages 179-194

About this book


This book focuses on advances in our understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of brain iron uptake, iron homeostasis and iron metabolism in the pathophysiology and pharmacology of CNS disease models. Dysregulation of brain iron homeostasis can lead to severe pathological changes in the neural system. Iron deficiency can slow down the development of the neural system and cause language and motion disorders, while iron overload is closely related to neurodegenerative diseases. Although some current books include chapters on iron metabolism and certain neurodegenerative diseases, this is the first systematic summary of the latest discoveries regarding brain iron metabolism and CNS diseases.

By providing novel and thought-provoking insights into the mechanisms and physiological significance of brain iron metabolism and related diseases, the book stimulates further new research directions. It helps graduate students and researchers gain an overall picture of brain iron metabolism and the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases, and also offers pharmaceutical companies inspiration for new treatment strategies for CNS diseases.


Iron Iron metabolism Brain Neurodevelopment Neurodegenerative diseases Stroke Oxidative stress

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