Decentralized Charging Coordination of Large-scale Plug-in Electric Vehicles in Power Systems

  • Zhongjing Ma

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This book focuses on the design of decentralized optimization methods applied to charging strategies for large-scale PEVs in electrical power systems. It studies several classes of charging coordination problems in large-scale PEVs by considering the distinct characteristics of PEV populations and electrical power systems, and subsequently designs decentralized methods based on distinct optimization schemes – such as non-cooperative games, mean-field games, and auction games – to achieve optimal/nearly optimal charging strategies. In closing, several performance aspects of the proposed algorithms, such as their convergence, computational complexity and optimality etc., are rigorously verified and demonstrated in numerical simulations. 
Given its scope, the book will benefit researchers, engineers, and graduate students in the fields of optimization, game theory, auction games, electrical power systems, etc., and help them design decentralized methods to implement optimal charging strategies in large-scale PEVs.


Electric Vehicles Charging Coordination large-scale Systems Decentralized Algorithm Non-cooperative Games Mean-field Games Nash Equilibrium Distribution Network Systems Vehicle-to-grid Auction Games Incentive Compatibility

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