Proceedings of the 11th International Mine Ventilation Congress

  • Xintan Chang
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiii
  2. Vent System Optimization I

  3. Vent System Optimization II

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 59-59
    2. Mikhail Semin, Andrey Shalimov
      Pages 61-69
    3. S. Sreekumar Ajitha, R. Bhargava, Y. Pan, A. Jha, P. Tukkaraja, K. Shahbazi et al.
      Pages 70-81
    4. Y. Pan, R. Bhargava, A. Jha, P. Tukkaraja, K. Shahbazi, K. Katzenstein et al.
      Pages 82-91
    5. Zhou Zhiyong, Mehmet Kizil, Chen Zhongwei, Chen Jianhong
      Pages 92-106
    6. Qi-fa Ge, Wei-gen Zhu, Wei-guo Zhang, Qing-gang Chen, Zhuo-ming Yang
      Pages 116-125
  4. Mine Dusts and Control I

  5. Mine Dusts and Control II

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 209-209
    2. Zhai Xiaowei, Hou Qinyuan, Han Jinzi, Wang Jiaojiao
      Pages 231-240
    3. An-wen Zhao, Song Guo, Shu-xin Chen, Shang Gao, Xue-bin Chen, Chen-chen Li
      Pages 241-253
  6. Methane and Methane Control I

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 267-267
    2. Janusz Kruczkowski, Piotr Ostrogórski
      Pages 269-279
    3. Masahiro Inoue, Bing-rui Li, Takumi Hyoudou
      Pages 280-291
    4. Nikodem Szlązak, Dariusz Obracaj, Justyna Swolkień
      Pages 292-307
    5. Xiaojuan Shi, Dalong Nie, Gaoyang Wang
      Pages 308-317
    6. Jun Deng, Wei-Le Chen, Wei-Feng Wang, Yuan He, Bao-Long Zhang
      Pages 318-332
  7. Methane and Methane Control II

  8. Mine Explosions

  9. DPM

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 459-459
    2. M. R. Sagesh Kumar, A. K. Dash, R. M. Bhattcharjee, D. C. Panigrahi
      Pages 483-492

About these proceedings


The proceedings of the 11th International Mine Ventilation Congress (11th IMVC), is focused on mine ventilation, health and safety and Earth science. The IMVC has become the most influential international mine ventilation event in the world, and has long been a popular forum for ventilation researchers, practitioners, academics, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, consultants and government officials around the globe to explore research results, exchange best practices, and to launch new products for a better and safer industry. It also serves as a useful platform to attract and train future ventilation professionals and mine planning engineers, as well as for mining companies to discover better practices to provide better ventilation planning.


Mine ventilation planning Mine fans and auxiliary ventilation mine network simulation and modeling Mine dust monitoring and control Diesel particulate matters (DPM) Mine fires and fire control Heat and refrigeration Spontaneous combustion (SponCom) Occupational health and safety Ventilation regulations Mine ventilation education and training

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