Urban Eco-Communities in Australia

Real Utopian Responses to the Ecological Crisis or Niche Markets?

  • Liam Cooper
  • Hans A. Baer

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    Pages 1-16
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    Pages 45-59
  4. Liam Cooper, Hans A. Baer
    Pages 189-213
  5. Liam Cooper, Hans A. Baer
    Pages 215-225

About this book


This book offers one of the first detailed anthropological studies of emergent ecotopianism in urban contexts. Engaging directly with debates on urbanisation, sustainability and utopia, it presents two detailed ethnographic case studies of inner urban Australian eco-communities in Adelaide and Melbourne. These novel responses to the ecological crisis – real social laboratories that attempt to manifest a vision of the ‘eco-city’ in microcosm – offer substantial new insights into the concept and creation of sustainable urban communities, their attempts to cultivate ways of living that are socially and ecologically nourishing, and their often fraught relationship to the capitalist city beyond. These studies also suggest the opportunities and limitations of moving beyond demonstration projects towards wider urban transformation, as well as exposing the problems of accessibility and affordability that thwart further urban eco-interventions and the ways that existing projects can exacerbate issues of gentrification and privilege in a socially polarised city. Amidst the challenges of the capitalist city, climate change and ecological crisis, this book offers vital lessons on the potential of urban sustainability in future cities.


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  • Hans A. Baer
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  1. 1.MelbourneAustralia
  2. 2.School of Social Political SciencesUniversity of MelbourneParkvilleAustralia

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