The Global Collaboration against Transnational Corruption

Motives, Hurdles, and Solutions

  • Lianlian Liu

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This book articulates and explores the realities of contemporary international anti-corruption law. As corruption increasingly becomes a major topic in international affairs, Liu analyzes the global collaboration against transnational bribery. As China's economic reforms are increasingly articulated in a language of law, governmentality, and anti-corruption, it is essential that scholars, policymakers and legal theorists around the world understand the issues at stake. In this elegant text, Liu lays out the issues clearly, establishes methodologies for analysis, and provides policy proposals for the years to come.

Lianlian Liu is assistant professor and research fellow at the School of International Studies at Peking University with a background in law. Her work explores the significance of governmentality and corporate governance in the international sphere.


Corruption Globalization International Law Governance International Business

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