Indian Perspectives on Workplace Bullying

A Decade of Insights

  • Premilla D'Cruz
  • Ernesto Noronha
  • Avina Mendonca
  • Nidhi Mishra

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This book, recognizing that workplace bullying is a significant employment relations and occupational health and safety problem in India which warrants urgent and holistic intervention, presents empirical studies examining contextual factors, antecedents, mediators, moderators, processes, outcomes and solutions, thereby deepening our understanding of the phenomenon. The chapters showcased in the volume emphasize the paradoxical Indian sociocultural ethos whose simultaneous embrace of humanism versus identity-based, personalized and hierarchical relationships, materialism versus spiritualism and individualism versus collectivism both fuel yet quell misbehaviour. The inquiries which constitute this book engage both positivist and postpostivist paradigms, draw on several theoretical and substantive frameworks, utilize an array of methods, investigate numerous foci and cover various geographical regions in India, a range of industrial sectors and all levels of the organization. In so doing, they make pathbreaking contributions beyond country-specific insights to advance the frontiers of the thematic area worldwide. The chapters include important findings pertaining to digital workplaces, child labour, forgiveness, customer bullying, psychological contract violation, perceived organizational support, psychological capital and comprehensive prevention strategies encompassing psychosocial risks.  As well as building on a decade of knowledge about workplace bullying in India, the book puts forward a research agenda on the topic for the subcontinent in particular and the field in general. The volume is of interest to researchers, practitioners and students of organizational studies, human resource management, industrial relations, labour law, corporate law, health sciences and social work.


employment relations personalized and hierarchical relationships at work digital workplaces interpersonal bullying psychological contract violation worker rights cultural variable of power distance intersectionality of social categories at workplace corporate and labour laws in India bullying and work outcomes mediation model of PsyCap burnout in the human services sector emotion-focused coping problem-focused coping customer abuse in the service industry occupational health and safety policy in India

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  • Nidhi Mishra
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