The Development of E-governance in China

Improving Cybersecurity and Promoting Informatization as Means for Modernizing State Governance

  • Ping Du
  • Shiyang Yu
  • Daoling Yang

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This book figures out that network security and informatization have entered a development stage of greater permeation and deeper integration into all aspects of the economy and society. In particular since the 2008 financial crisis, the world’s major economies have placed a strategic focus on network security and informatization in order to seek out new growth points, alleviate energy and ecological pressures, improve living standards, and improve social governance through new technological transformations in fields such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, mobile internet, big data, smart cities, and a wave of applications. The effects on the economy and society have emerged and will continue to make significant progress. Based on China’s stage of new urbanization, industrialization, informatization, and agricultural modernization and major characteristics, as well as the intrinsic need for synchronized development, this book encourages society to accelerate the pace of development, expand the scope of work and promote informatization and the comprehensive, coordinated, effective linking and deep integration of informatization with all areas of the economy and society. 


e-government governance capabilities lawful administration deep integration network security

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  • Shiyang Yu
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  • Daoling Yang
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