The Black spotted, Yellow Borer, Conogethes punctiferalis Guenée and Allied Species

  • Akshay Kumar Chakravarthy

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Vasudev Kammar, P. R. Shashank, A. T. Rani, V. Selvanarayanan
    Pages 13-22
  3. A. K. Chakravarthy, P. R. Shashank, K. P. Kumar, Vasudev Kammar
    Pages 23-33
  4. H. T. Loc, K. P. Kumar, A. K. Chakravarthy
    Pages 67-80
  5. Amani Mannakkara, A. D. N. T. Kumara, N. I. Suwandharathne, I. Hettiarachchi, H. T. R. Wijesekara
    Pages 81-87
  6. A. Sivapragasam, A. Badrulhadza, M. N. Mohamad Roff
    Pages 89-100
  7. Kiran S. Kasareddy, L. Hanumantharaya, K. P. Kumar
    Pages 115-129
  8. P. Thiyagarajan, S. S. Bora, K. Dhanapal, B. A. Gudade, A. B. Rema Shree
    Pages 149-155
  9. S. Devasahayam, C. M. Senthil Kumar, T. K. Jacob
    Pages 205-217
  10. G. P. Mutturaj, S. Subhash, Sandeep Singh, A. K. Chakravarthy
    Pages 219-234
  11. Chandish R. Ballal, K. P. Kumar, P. Ambanna, A. K. Chakravarthy, Richa Varshney, H. Khader Khan
    Pages 235-255
  12. N. E. Thyagaraj, K. S. Jagadish, Naveen Kumar
    Pages 333-347

About this book


Conogethes is a group of moths distributed in Austral-Asian region from India to New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Australia.The moths are also found in Hawaii and Great Britain. Conogethes is mostly known for the economic impact of its larvae on agricultural crops. Substantial research has been undertaken in order to understand the biology of these harmful insects and to develop strategies to confine their impact. Research on chemical communication between males and females via sex pheromones is in progress.Recent research has also focused on the acoustic communication of Conogethes. The moths can feed on more than 200 plants in diversified habitats. The borer moths have become major pest on Horticultural , Agricultural,Avenue trees and forest trees. Its a pest of Quarantine importance as it has been found in Exportable commodities.
The book contains 22 chapters from a dozen countries. The authors are from China, Vietnam, Australia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Norway etc. This is the first book on the pest globally where interesting insights are provided. This is one of the book of its kind on single pest dealing with almost all aspects of its biology and management on cultivated crops.


Conogethes punctiferalis Integrative Pest Management Biosystematics Biodiversity Host-plant interaction

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  • Akshay Kumar Chakravarthy
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  1. 1.Division of Entomology and NematologyICAR-Indian Institue of Horticultural ResearchBengaluruIndia

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