Propagation of Multidimensional Nonlinear Waves and Kinematical Conservation Laws

  • Phoolan Prasad

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About this book


This book formulates the kinematical conservation laws (KCL), analyses them and presents their applications to various problems in physics. Finally, it addresses one of the most challenging problems in fluid dynamics: finding successive positions of a curved shock front. The topics discussed are the outcome of collaborative work that was carried out mainly at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India. The theory presented in the book is supported by referring to extensive numerical results.

The book is organised into ten chapters. Chapters 1–4 offer a summary of and briefly discuss the theory of hyperbolic partial differential equations and conservation laws. Formulation of equations of a weakly nonlinear wavefront and those of a shock front are briefly explained in Chapter 5, while Chapter 6 addresses KCL theory in space of arbitrary dimensions. The remaining chapters examine various analyses and applications of KCL equations ending in the ultimate goal-propagation of a three-dimensional curved shock front and formation, propagation and interaction of kink lines on it.


Kinematical conservation laws Curved shock propagation Nonlinear hyperbolic waves Hyperbolic partial differential equations Multidimesional waves

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