Plant Adaptation Strategies in Changing Environment

  • Vertika Shukla
  • Sanjeev Kumar
  • Narendra Kumar

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  2. Richard A. Armstrong
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  3. H. Harańczyk, A. Casanova-Katny, M. Olech, K. Strzałka
    Pages 77-102
  4. Sanjeeva Nayaka, Kiran Toppo, Sushma Verma
    Pages 103-115
  5. Anju Patel, Puja Khare, D. D. Patra
    Pages 153-182
  6. Vertika Shukla, Ankita Asati, Devendra K. Patel, Manoj Semwal, Narendra Kumar, Dalip K. Upreti
    Pages 235-251
  7. Reshu Chauhan, Surabhi Awasthi, Amit Pal Singh, Sudhakar Srivastava, Veena Pande, Rudra Deo Tripathi et al.
    Pages 253-267
  8. Hina Khatoon, Apourv Pant, J. P. N. Rai
    Pages 269-290
  9. Poonam, Shamshad Ahmad, Narendra Kumar, Paromita Chakraborty, Richa Kothari
    Pages 291-313
  10. Dhananjay Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Vertika Shukla, Narendra Kumar
    Pages 315-328
  11. Ravindra Prasad, Sanjeev Kumar, Anuj Kumar Yadav, Shailender Kumar, Mahesh Kumar, Ritu Singh et al.
    Pages 329-345

About this book


This book addresses the crucial aspects of plant adaptation strategies in higher as well as lower plant groups. Stress induced by changing environmental conditions disrupts or alter various physiological and metabolic processes in organisms, however, plants have evolved various defence strategies to cope with external perturbations.

The book discusses speciation changes in response to extreme ecological conditions such as cold, heat, aridity, salinity, altitude, incidental UV radiation and high light intensity, which are particularly relevant in the current scenario of global warming. It also explores the effects of human activities and emission of phytotoxic gases.

Further, it describes the overall adaptation strategies and the multifaceted mechanisms involved (integrated complex mechanism), ranging from morphological to molecular alterations, focusing on plants’ capabilities to create an inner environment to survive the altered or extreme conditions.

This book is a valuable tool for graduate and research students, as well as for anyone working on or interested in adaptation strategies in plants.


Abiotic Stress Climate Change Genetic Adaptation Mitigation Drought Stress Heat Stress Temperature

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