Translational Research in Breast Cancer

Biomarker Diagnosis, Targeted Therapies and Approaches to Precision Medicine

  • Erwei Song
  • Hai Hu

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 1026)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Xueman Chen, Siting Fan, Erwei Song
    Pages 1-25
  3. Ayong Cao, Liang Huang, Zhimin Shao
    Pages 41-57
  4. Kyung-Hee Chun, Jong Hoon Park, Siting Fan
    Pages 59-104
  5. Juan Du, Yu Yu, Jun Zhan, Hongquan Zhang
    Pages 125-146
  6. Zhi-Mei Liang, Yang Chen, Man-Li Luo
    Pages 147-169
  7. Sioned Owen, Catherine Zabkiewicz, Lin Ye, Andrew J. Sanders, Chang Gong, Wen G. Jiang
    Pages 197-216
  8. Yi-Ping Wang, Qun-Ying Lei
    Pages 217-232
  9. Zijie Cai, Qiang Liu
    Pages 251-270
  10. Sumin Oh, Je Yeong Ko, Chaeun Oh, Kyung Hyun Yoo
    Pages 287-313
  11. Xiaoyu Li, Xia Bu
    Pages 315-330
  12. Liyan Lao, Siting Fan, Erwei Song
    Pages 331-370
  13. Jinghua Wang, Penghui Zhou
    Pages 371-381
  14. Xia Bu, Yihui Yao, Xiaoyu Li
    Pages 383-402

About this book


This book offers a comprehensive introduction to translational efforts in breast cancer, addressing the latest approaches to precision medicine based on the current state of understanding of breast cancer.


With the latest developments in breast cancer research, our understanding of the genomic changes and the oncogenic signaling cascade of breast cancer has made considerable strides. Further, the immuno-environment has been demonstrated as the barrier to clinical cancer.



As a result of these two trends, a clearer picture of the molecular landscape of breast cancers has facilitated the development of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive biomarkers for clinical oncology. All these aspects are addressed in this volume, which offers a comprehensive resource for researchers, graduate students and oncologists in cancer research.



Breast cancer Precision medicine Precision diagnosis Targeted therapy translational medicine

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  • Erwei Song
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  • Hai Hu
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  2. 2.Sun Yat-sen Memorial HospitalSun Yat-sen UniversityGuangzhou, GuangdongChina

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