Japan’s Population Implosion

The 50 Million Shock

  • Yoichi Funabashi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxix
  2. Inagawa Hidekazu
    Pages 1-25
  3. Seta Fumihiko, Otake Hiroshi, Umeyama Goro
    Pages 27-49
  4. Igarashi Chikako, Akiyama Yuki, Kamiya Kenichi
    Pages 51-78
  5. Inagawa Hidekazu
    Pages 97-114
  6. Sunahara Yosuke, Seta Fumihiko, Umeyama Goro
    Pages 115-130
  7. Oguro Kazumasa
    Pages 155-172
  8. Sunahara Yosuke, Seta Fumihiko, Umeyama Goro
    Pages 173-195
  9. Matsuda Kiyoto, Arai Junji, Nagao Takashi
    Pages 197-215
  10. Yoichi Funabashi
    Pages 217-227
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 229-235

About this book


This cutting edge collection examines Japan’s population issue, exploring how declining demographic trends are affecting Japan’s social structure, specifically in the context of Greater Tokyo, life infrastructure, public finance and the economy. Considering the failures of past Japanese policies from the perspective of population, national land, and politics, it argues that the inability of past administrations to develop a long-term and comprehensive policy has exacerbated the population crisis. This text identifies key negative chain reactions that have stemmed from this policy failure, notably the effect of population decline on future economic growth and public finances and the impact of shrinking municipalities on social and community infrastructure to support quality of life. It also highlights how population decline can precipitate inter-generational conflict, and impact on the strength of the state and more widely on Japan’s international status. Japan is on the forefront of the population problem, which is expected to affect many of the world’s advanced industrial economies in the 21st century.  Based on the study of policy failures, this book makes recommendations for effective population policy – covering both ‘mitigation’ measures to encourage a recovery in the depopulation process as well as ‘adaptation’ measures to maintain and improve living standards – and provides key insights into dealing with the debilitating effects of population decline.


social security and ageing populations Japan's population decline ageing societies population growth and demographic policy silver democracy public finance and social security

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