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Translation and Health Risk Knowledge Building in China


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This pivot considers the dissemination of public health terms in Chinese scientific research and printed media. Bringing together quantitative and qualitative analysis from corpus linguistics, translation studies, contrastive linguistics to bear on the study of specialised public health translation, it provides key insights into the translation of key public health policy materials produced by authoritative international health agencies like the World Health Organisation (WHO). The study of the acceptance, assimilation and update of translated health risk terms is embedded within corpus translation studies, one of the most dynamic areas of applied translation studies. This study deploys large-scale data bases of scientific publications and printed media materials to trace and analyse the use of translated public health terms and linguistic synonyms by Chinese researchers and media. It also highlights the limits of research investment on critical public health topics such as health financial risks and considers worldwide concerns about the use of accurate and appropriate terminology in specialized fields of knowledge, and the implications for scholarly research, translator training and professional practice.


WHO Health Translation Health Financial Risks linguistic analysis public health expressions corpus translation studies

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  1. 1.The University of SydneySydneyAustralia

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Meng Ji is Professor of Translation Studies at the Department of Chinese Studies, University of Sydney, Australia. She was awarded the first PhD of Translation Studies by Imperial College London. Her research covers translation and cross-cultural studies, contrastive linguistics, textual statistics, natural language processing and digital humanities research methodologies. She was elected Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland in 2008 and has been the recipient of more than twenty academic awards and travel grants from major funding bodies such as the Roger Fowler Fund Award, UK, the British Academy, Princeton University, the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Sciences and the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

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“The English-language monograph under review, whose author is of Chinese origin … . It consolidates the contention that all translations are conditioned by social factors, shattering the long-held perception that linguistic loyalty is its primary criterion. … the book under review is useful for postgraduates within TS and shows solicitude for specialised translation, terminological translation and corpus-based TS.” (Yanmeng Wang and Mingwu Xu, The Journal of Specialised Translation, Issue. 30, July, 2018)