Male Infertility: Understanding, Causes and Treatment

  • Kiran Singh

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Understanding Spermatogenesis and Male Fertility

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Sujit Kumar Mohanty, Rajender Singh
      Pages 3-12
    3. Pranav Patni, Sujit Kumar Mohanty, Rajender Singh
      Pages 13-24
    4. Vertika Singh, Neeraj Kumar Agrawal, Rajesh Verma, Kiran Singh
      Pages 25-36
    5. Gopal Gupta
      Pages 37-45
    6. Rohit Kumar Deshmukh, Archana Bharadwaj Siva
      Pages 47-66
    7. Vertika Singh, Kiran Singh
      Pages 67-87
    8. Priyanka Mishra, Rajender Singh
      Pages 89-108
  3. Causes of Male Infertility

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 109-109
    2. Vertika Singh, Rajender Singh, Kiran Singh
      Pages 111-130
    3. Rahul Gajbhiye, Avinash Gaikwad
      Pages 131-150
    4. Rima Dada, Shilpa Bisht
      Pages 151-165
    5. Joseph R. D. Fernandes, Arnab Banerjee
      Pages 167-182
    6. Vertika Singh, Kiran Singh
      Pages 213-229
    7. Vertika Singh, Sandeep Kumar Bansal, Rajender Singh, Kiran Singh
      Pages 231-252
    8. Sandeep Kumar Bansal, Vertika Singh, Kiran Singh, Rajender Singh
      Pages 253-270
    9. Sweta Mohan, Sharvari Deshpande, N. H. Balasinor
      Pages 271-294
    10. Aniket Patankar, Priyanka Parte
      Pages 295-315
    11. Ashima Sinha, Savita Yadav
      Pages 317-345
  4. Management of Male Infertility

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 347-347
    2. Rima Dada, Vidhu Dhawan
      Pages 349-359
    3. Sudha Bhagwati, Rajender Singh
      Pages 361-379
    4. Sudha Bhagwati, Rajender Singh
      Pages 381-399
    5. Rajender Singh
      Pages 439-447
    6. Sandeep Kumar Bansal, Rajender Singh
      Pages 449-464

About this book


This book covers the latest research on male infertility. The topics discussed range from understanding the genetic basis of infertility, to its causes and treatment. Since infertility is also of great interest to the general public, the book also includes a detailed description of what infertility is and how one can understand the different types. Given the complex etiology of infertility, the book includes a number of chapters defining the known and probable causes of male infertility. Providing detailed information suitable for patients and clinicians alike, it also features a separate section on treatment, the ultimate goal


Male infertility Spermatogenesis Y-chromosome and male infertility Infertility treatment In vitro fertilization

Editors and affiliations

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  • Kiran Singh
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  1. 1.Endocrinology DivisionCentral Drug Research InstituteLucknowIndia
  2. 2.Department of Molecular and Human GeneticsInstitute of Science, Banaras Hindu UniversityVaranasiIndia

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