Nitrogenation Strategy for the Synthesis of N-containing Compounds

  • Ning Jiao

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  2. Conghui Tang, Tao Shen, Ning Jiao
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  3. Wang Zhou, Ning Jiao
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  4. Feng Chen, Ning Jiao
    Pages 29-61
  5. Teng Wang, Ning Jiao
    Pages 63-109
  6. Xinyao Li, Ning Jiao
    Pages 111-127

About this book


This book focuses on direct nitrogenation strategies to incorporate one or more N-atoms into simple substrates especially hydrocarbons via C–H and/or C–C bond cleavage, which is a green and sustainable way to synthesize nitrogen-containing compounds. The book consists of seven chapters demonstrating interesting advances in the preparation of amines, amides, nitriles, carbamides, azides, and N-heterocyclic compounds and illustrating the mechanisms of these novel transformations. It offers an accessible introduction to nitrogenation reactions for chemists involved in N-compound synthesis and those interested in discovering new reagents and reactions.


Ning Jiao is a Professor of Chemistry at Peking University, China.


Atom incorporation C-H bond cleavage C-N bond cleavage C-N bond formation Catalytic reactions Efficient synthesis Hydrocarbons Nitrogenation Rearrangement

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