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Service Quality for Facilities Management in Hospitals


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About this book


This book examines the Facilities Management (FM) of hospitals and healthcare facilities, which are among the most complex, costly and challenging kind of buildings to manage. It presents and evaluates the FM service quality standards in Singapore’s hospitals from the patient’s perspective, and provides recommendations on how to successfully improve FM service quality and achieve higher patient satisfaction. The book also features valuable supplementary materials, including a checklist of 32 key factors for successful facilities management and another checklist of 24 service attributes for hospitals to achieve desirable service quality in connection with facilities management.

The book adopts a unique approach of combining service quality and quality theory to provide a more holistic view of how FM service quality can be achieved in hospitals. It also integrates three instruments, namely the SERVQUAL model, the Kano model and the QFD model to yield empirical results from surveys for implementation in hospitals.

Although the book was written from the perspective of FM service quality for hospitals, the findings and recommendations are also relevant for other non-healthcare sectors where appropriate lessons may also be drawn for FM and service quality in general. It will particularly benefit Quality Managers, Facilities Managers and Hospital Administrators.


SERVQUAL Model Kano Model Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Singapore Hospitals Healthcare Systems Healthcare Service Standards Quality Management Framework Customer-focused Service Development

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About the authors

Dr Low Sui Pheng is presently Professor of Building in the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore where he has previously served as Head and Vice‐Dean. He teaches construction project management and has published, researched and consulted extensively both in Singapore and overseas. A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building, he holds a DSc degree from the University of Birmingham and a PhD degree from University College London. He currently serves as Director for the Centre for Project Management and Construction Law.

Ms Zhu Rui graduated from the Department of Construction Management at Tsinghua University with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. She earned her MSc degree in Building from the National University of Singapore. She has won the Guanghua Scholarship, LuoJian Scholarship, CUSA Scholarship and NUS Research Scholarship. Ms Zhu has been involved with risk management studies for the China Railway International Co. Ltd. as well as project management of the Beijing Subway Command Centre.

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