The Jurisprudence of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber

  • Frans  de Weger

Part of the ASSER International Sports Law Series book series (ASSER)

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About this book


This book addresses the most important judicial aspects in relation to the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC), as well as the different categories of disputes, inter alia, the termination of player contracts, the amount of compensation, sporting sanctions, training compensation and the solidarity mechanism. The DRC was established in 2001 by FIFA for the purpose of resolving disputes regarding the international status and transfer of players. Since then the DRC has developed into a major and influential alternative resolution body, with an impressive and everincreasing caseload. In this updated and revised Second Edition the most important decisions of the DRC as of the date of its establishment in 2001 until 2016 are analysed. It is a reference work for those with a legal and financial interest in professional football, such as lawyers, agents, managers and administrators, but is also aimed at researchers and academics. Michele Bernasconi, Attorney-at-law in Zurich, Switzerland, Arbitrator at CAS and President of the Swiss Sports Law Association provided a foreword for the book.

Frans M. de Weger is senior legal counsel working for the Dutch Federation of Professional Football Clubs (FBO). In 2015 he was, at the proposal of the European Club Association (ECA), appointed as an arbitrator for the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). As a legal counsel and a CAS arbitrator he is involved in several national and international football-related legal disputes.

This book appears in the ASSER International Sports Law Series, under the editorship of Prof. Dr. Ben Van Rompuy and Dr. Antoine Duval.

“Frans de Weger’s work on the jurisprudence of the DRC is a “must-have” for anybody dealing with sports law and, in particular, dealing with football issues under the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.”

Massimo Coccia

Professor of International Law and Attorney-at-Law in Rome and CAS Arbitrator

“Where to go when trying to understand the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players? Now Frans de Weger has the answer with his new version of the much-awaited and needed Jurisprudence of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber.”

Juan de Dios Crespo Pérez

Sports Lawyer

“The second edition of this book, which is systematic and practical at the same time, will surely be of great interest to both specialists active in the world of “football law” and aspiring individuals.”

Wouter Lambrecht

Attorney-at-law, Head of Legal at the European Club Association, FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber Member and Mediator at the CAS


Sports Arbitration DRC Jurisprudence Transfer of Players Legal Procedures and Professional Football Sporting Sanctions

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