Beyond Conventional Boundaries

Uncertainty in Research and Practice with Children

  • Editors
  • Daniela Mercieca

Part of the Studies in Inclusive Education book series (STUIE, volume 13)

Table of contents

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    Pages i-viii
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    Pages 1-8
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    Pages 9-14
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    Pages 15-32
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    Pages 33-48
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    Pages 57-68
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    Pages 69-78
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    Pages 79-88
  10. Daniela Mercieca
    Pages 89-99
  11. Daniela Mercieca
    Pages 101-111
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    Pages 113-126
  13. Daniela Mercieca
    Pages C1-C1
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 127-131

About this book


...The impact which my decisions will have on this child’s life is enormous and far-reaching. Relatively speaking, the impact which she will have on my life is minimal. She will be a thought in my mind, at most, an incessant worry. Yet even this is grudged – we professionals tell each other that we have to leave our work behind when we go home – don’t take your work worries with you... (p.85) This book calls for a re-thinking of practice and research with children in the helping professions. In the context of today’s fast world with its requirement for order and precision, the practice of working with children is imbued with ethical dilemmas which practitioners may or may not be aware of. It is important for the practitioner to feel suspended in uncertainty before taking action. In terms of research, the complexity of what is explored is reflected in the complexity of the research method. In a parallel writing, this uncertainty is a central theme in practice through the narrative of three stories of the author’s involvement with children referred for support. The book explores how uncertainty and anxiety can be turned to good use rather than being a debilitating force to the practising psychologist. It also touches upon issues of performativity, accountability and efficiency in the becoming of professionals in the helping professions.

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