Key Works in Critical Pedagogy

  • Kecia Hayes
  • Shirley R. Steinberg
  • Kenneth Tobin

Part of the Bold Visions in Educational Research book series (BVER, volume 32)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Connie Titone, Robert A. Duggan
    Pages 21-26
  3. Joe L. Kincheloe
    Pages 27-47
  4. Shirley R. Steinberg, Chaim M. Steinberg
    Pages 49-52
  5. Joe L. Kincheloe, Shirley R. Steinberg
    Pages 53-76
  6. Raymond A. Horn
    Pages 77-84
  7. Joe L. Kincheloe
    Pages 85-99
  8. Joe L. Kincheloe
    Pages 129-147
  9. Lee Gabay
    Pages 149-154
  10. Joe L. Kincheloe
    Pages 155-170
  11. Joe L. Kincheloe
    Pages 177-189
  12. Bal Chandra Luitel, Peter Charles Taylor
    Pages 191-200
  13. Joe L. Kincheloe
    Pages 201-217
  14. Elizabeth J. Meyer
    Pages 219-226
  15. Joe L. Kincheloe
    Pages 227-243
  16. Elizabeth P. Quintero
    Pages 245-252
  17. Joe L. Kincheloe
    Pages 253-277
  18. Kathleen S. Berry
    Pages 279-284
  19. Joe L. Kincheloe, Peter Mclaren
    Pages 285-326
  20. Joe L. Kincheloe
    Pages 333-349
  21. Christopher Emdin
    Pages 351-355
  22. Joe L. Kincheloe
    Pages 357-378
  23. Aaron David Gresson
    Pages 379-384
  24. Curry Stephenson Malott
    Pages 407-412
  25. Douglas J. Simpson
    Pages 429-435
  26. Back Matter
    Pages 437-447

About this book


Key Works in Critical Pedagogy: Joe L. Kincheloe comprises sixteen papers written within a twenty-year period in which Kincheloe inspired legions of educators with his incisive analyses of education. Kincheloe was a prolific thinker and writer who produced an enormous number of books and chapters and journal articles.In a career cut short by his untimely death, Kincheloe led the way with an approach to research and pedagogy that incorporated multiperspectival approaches that examined a wide range of topics including schooling, cultural studies, research bricolage, kinderculture, Christotainment, and capitalism. In these works Kincheloe used accessible, elegantly produced language to capture his emotional yet scholarly ways of engaging with the world. He was a champion of the disenfranchised and his writing consistently examined social life from the perspective of participants who were often treated harshly because of their marginalization. The articles in this book were selected to encompass Kincheloe’s impressive scholarly career and to draw attention to the necessity for educators to take a critical stance with respect to the enactment of education to reproduce disadvantage. Among the theoretical frameworks included in the works are critical pedagogy, research, hermeneutics, phenomenology, cultural studies, and post-formal thought. Key Works in Critical Pedagogy is a comprehensive introduction to the scholarly contributions of one of the foremost educational researchers of our time. The selected chapters and associated scholarly review essays constitute a reference resource for researchers, educators, students of education – and all of those with an interest in adopting a deeper view of ways in which policies and practices shape education and social life to produce privilege and disadvantage simultaneously in ways that are often hidden from view. The critical perspective that permeates these works constitute ways of thinking and being in the world that others can adopt as a framework for analyzing their engagement in education as researchers, teacher educators, policymakers, students, parents of students, and members of the community at large. Responding to each of Kincheloe's chapters is a scholar/teacher who is intimately familiar with the works, theories, and epistemologies of this unique scholar.

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