A Treatise of Legal Philosophy and General Jurisprudence

Volume 6: A History of the Philosophy of Law from the Ancient Greeks to the Scholastics

  • Fred D. MillerJr.
  • Carrie-Ann Biondi

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxiv
  2. Michael Gagarin, Paul Woodruff
    Pages 7-34
  3. Richard F. Stalley, Roderick T. Long
    Pages 35-56
  4. Richard F. Stalley
    Pages 57-77
  5. Fred D. Miller Jr.
    Pages 79-110
  6. Roderick T. Long
    Pages 111-131
  7. Brad Inwood, Fred D. Miller Jr.
    Pages 133-165
  8. Fred D. Miller Jr.
    Pages 167-185
  9. Charles E. Butterworth
    Pages 219-250
  10. Thomas M. Banchich, John Marenbon, Charles J. Reid Jr.
    Pages 251-265
  11. John Marenbon
    Pages 267-283
  12. Anthony J. Lisska
    Pages 285-310
  13. Anthony J. Lisska, Brian Tierney
    Pages 311-333
  14. Annabel Brett
    Pages 335-375
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 377-444

About this book


The first-ever multivolume treatment of the issues in legal philosophy and general jurisprudence, from both a theoretical and a historical perspective. The work is aimed at jurists as well as legal and practical philosophers. Edited by the renowned theorist Enrico Pattaro and his team, this book is a classical reference work that would be of great interest to legal and practical philosophers as well as to jurists and legal scholar at all levels. The work is divided in two parts. The theoretical part (published in 2005), consisting of five volumes, covers the main topics of the contemporary debate; the historical part, consisting of six volumes (Volumes 6-8 published in 2007; Volumes 9 and 10, published in 2009; Volume 11 published in 2011 and Volume 12 forthcoming in 2015), accounts for the development of legal thought from ancient Greek times through the twentieth century. The entire set will be completed with an index.

Volume 6: A History of the Philosophy of Law from the Ancient Greeks to the Scholastics
2nd revised edition, edited by Fred D. Miller, Jr. and Carrie-Ann Biondi

Volume 6 is the first of the Treatise’s historical volumes (following the five theoretical ones) and is dedicated to the philosophers’ philosophy of law from ancient Greece to the 16th century. The volume thus begins with the dawning of legal philosophy in Greek and Roman philosophical thought and then covers the birth and development of European medieval legal philosophy, the influence of Judaism and the Islamic philosophers, the revival of Roman and Christian canon law, and the rise of scholastic philosophy in the late Middle Ages, which paved the way for early-modern Western legal philosophy. This second, revised edition comes with an entirely new chapter devoted to the later Scholastics (Chapter 14, by Annabel Brett) and an epilogue (by Carrie-Ann Biondi) on the legacy of ancient and medieval thought for modern legal philosophy, as well as with updated references and indexes.


Analytic Jurisprudence Austinian Common law Jurisprudence Continental Europe Dworkin English-speaking World General Jurisprudence H.L.A. Hart’s History of Philosophy of Law Jurisprudential Thought Latin America Legal Philosophy

Editors and affiliations

  • Fred D. MillerJr.
    • 1
  • Carrie-Ann Biondi
    • 2
  1. 1.Social Philosophy and Policy FoundationBowling GreenUSA
  2. 2.Department of Philosophy and Religious StudiesMarymount Manhattan CollegeNew YorkUSA

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