Dan Shen (Salvia miltiorrhiza) in Medicine

Volume 3. Clinical Research

  • Xijun Yan

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xl
  2. Yi Zheng, Xuewen Zhang, Jiaoli Guo
    Pages 1-32
  3. Yi Zheng, Xuewen Zhang, Jiaoli Guo
    Pages 33-44
  4. Yi Zheng, Xuewen Zhang, Jiaoli Guo
    Pages 45-49
  5. Yi Zheng, Xuewen Zhang, Jiaoli Guo
    Pages 51-60
  6. Yi Zheng, Xuewen Zhang, Jiaoli Guo
    Pages 61-73
  7. Yi Zheng, Xuewen Zhang, Jiaoli Guo
    Pages 75-81
  8. Yi Zheng, Xuewen Zhang, Jiaoli Guo
    Pages 83-89
  9. Yi Zheng, Xuewen Zhang, Jiaoli Guo
    Pages 91-95
  10. Guoguang Zhu
    Pages 97-99
  11. Guoguang Zhu, Naifeng Wu, Yonghong Zhu, Danyong Wu, Ruizhi Luo, Yan Liu
    Pages 101-152
  12. Guoguang Zhu, Jinping Liu, Jia Liu, Ruizhi Luo
    Pages 153-202
  13. Guoguang Zhu, Renshu Li, Ying Zhao, Ruizhi Luo
    Pages 203-212
  14. Guoguang Zhu, Keqin Han, Ruizhi Luo
    Pages 213-217
  15. Guoguang Zhu, Ruizhi Luo
    Pages 223-224
  16. Guoguang Zhu, Ruizhi Luo
    Pages 225-240
  17. Guoguang Zhu, Xinde Shi, Jingsheng Zhao
    Pages 241-292
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 293-296

About this book


This book reviews research on Dan Shen, compiles data from clinical trials and biological experiments, and summarizes the latest research advances. It covers the medicinal herb, herbal pieces, and new proprietary drugs that contain it; it also covers simple and compound, traditional and contemporary formulas, and addresses a broad range of subjects, including: standardized cultivation; biodiversity; effective substances and their biological activities; quality control; and clinical trials. The book goes on to present the clinical trials on Dantonic, especially focusing on its therapeutic effects for coronary heart disease. It discusses compound prescriptions and compatibilities, from the herbal piece level to composition level, and describes approaches to research on modern Chinese medicine.


Volume 1 describes the biology and chemistry of Dan Shen, while Volume 2 focuses on pharmacology and quality control. Volume 3 describes the clinical research on Dan Shen.


Editor Xijun Yan is the President of Tianjin Tasly Group and a Member of the TCM Standardization Technical Committee. Gathering contributions from more than 100 authors working in the field of pharmaceutical and clinical research, the book presents and analyzes the available information from multiple aspects, reflects the current status of Dan Shen research, and offers an essential reference work for further research and development.


Coronary Heart Disease Danshen Dantonic Pharmacology Phytochemistry Tanshinone Traditional Chinese Medicine

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